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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    maxan0000 Guest
    I do not need access to your psn I just want someone know if one looks NAND.bin fix my ps3 works again so that even without PSN is not serious.

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    jensen76 Guest
    i cant understand what your are trying to say?? again your console is NOR and not NAND... its not my psn i'm taking about but yours..

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    maxan0000 Guest
    sorry I translate with google translation because I am French. I'm with E3 flasher for nand. but I have not checked my nand and are full of errors. Now I'd like to know if someone can fix it? if possible

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    jensen76 Guest
    LAST TIME your ps3 is a NOR console and not a nand.and e3 dosent work whit nand... if your console dosent work after flashing your original dump back to the console then its dead and you cant fix it..

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    pinkone Guest
    I looked at your dump and it looks good to me. Does the flasher give any errors when you flash your dump? What are you using to patch your dump with? And as jensen76 said you should remove the links to your dump asap so nobody uses your IDPS.

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    maxan0000 Guest
    Yes it is forgiveness of NOR, but do the repair?

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    dudderidge Guest

    e3 flasher help

    hi guys been at this all weekend installed my eflasher got all the lights up on it fine now the problem i have switch 1 2 down 3 up 456 down press reset boot console up then i press start blue lights go out then about 15 seconds later first blue light flasher no info on sd card whats wrong thanks

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    akimazaki Guest
    Your clip not correctly clip on nor chip.. it become error.. take more press on it

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    Hankk Guest

    Got an E3 Flasher Limited Edition (Need Help)

    I somewhat know what i'm doing when it comes to installing the flasher to my ps3.. Although i'm a bit nervous about doing it (with the whole thermal paste thing) and everything else...

    I really need help with the files, what to do with them, and such.. I only really want to mod on GTA TBOGT online... But it's proved to be a lot harder than I thought..

    I have an E3 Flasher limited edition kit, an E3 Card reader, a downgrade-able FAT ps3, and a micro sd card... Need help with what all I should do .. (I can install the E3 flasher) Just need some help..

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    Most of the files are attached HERE, and if you search through this ongoing thread that I merged your post in you should also find at least 7 or so video guides that should be of use as well.

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