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  1. #561
    candan Guest

    In limbo between downgrade and FSM, with E3 Flasher

    Hi All. Frustrated. Please help. Took good bkpps3 dump. Confirmed fine.

    Put checked bkpps3.bin dump and e3_downgrade.bin on SD. Flashed these just fine. Took about 15 minutes like it's supposed to.

    Plugged in esata station and powered up. Got Connect USB Controller message as expected. Pulled plug on power.

    Put downgrade dongle in right USB with e3 card reader downgrade bin on it. Turned on power and hit eject right away. Lights flash. Powers off as expected.

    Put lv2diag.self and cfw pup on thumb drive. Power up. Thumb drive flashes, as does hard disk, for only about 10 seconds. Then nothing.... HD light stops flashing and it just sits there...

    Please help? Where did I go wrong? How do I start over? When I try to go back to flashing my good bkpps3 bin and the e3_downgrade bin switches as 000001, ps3 turns on for about 30 seconds, then just shuts off. No beep, nothing...

    Thanks if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate.

  2. #562
    boxbundy Guest
    how long did you wait for? it pauses for a bit then starts up again. do it again and wait longer

  3. #563
    candan Guest
    Yeah, I did and left it forever. Weird thing is that the updaterlog.txt that gets put on the thumb drive is just a blank text file. Maybe I'll try to exit fsm and see what happens. At this point, I can't even reflash. When I turn it on and wait 30 seconds, with switch 6 up only, to flash, the system shuts off. No beeps, nothing...

  4. #564
    akimazaki Guest
    are you sure use lv2diag.self file??? make sure use correct file...

  5. #565
    boxbundy Guest
    where did you download the lv2diag.self file and cfw? maybe try new files.

    yeah try the exit lv2diag.self file and start it again. don't know what else it could be

  6. #566
    fireracer88 Guest
    Having issues trying to set up the dual boot option... can only get the OFW to work and the CFW goes back to the connect controller screen... Have followed the wiki page to a "T" and nothing just OFW... will not boot into CFW any help???

  7. #567
    candan Guest
    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I used the same lv2diag.self file for a couple of regular downgrades and I'm using the same hardware to do it all too.

    Steps taken again...

    Performed Flash Fun downgrade, as I had pre-soldered the SBE and Tristate. (already tried normal e3 downgrade method with the e3_downgrade bin - same results.) e3flasher.log file said "OK. Program Nor OK"
    Pull plug
    Put in downgrade Dongle with downgrade bin.
    Power + eject
    Dongle Boots. Red lights, then green. Shuts down automatically
    Insert USB stick with Lv2diag.self and pre-patched 3.55 bin file.
    Power on.
    USB Flashes in a good way, so does the PS3 hd light. The data light on the esata station comes on.
    Maybe 20 seconds in. The data light on the esata station goes off, the hd light goes off, and the USB light stops flickering.

    Aaaand it just sits there... and sits there. After half an hour, I pull the USB stick, check the log that's been written, and it's just an empty file...

    Any ideas?

  8. #568
    akimazaki Guest
    I think you dont use correct lv2diag.self file.. try find another file.. it about 288 kb.. your problem is can't update pup in fsm.. it because that file not correct. try download lv2diag.self file that have correct kilobyte...

  9. #569
    candan Guest
    I can use the 2nd lv2diag.self to get out of fsm, then I get the "insert ps controller and press ps button"

    But then if I do, it's like the downgrade didn't take. The message says "The system cannot be run correctly... Connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.30 or later, then press Start and select at the same time.".

    So is that what it is? If I have the downgrade file on my e3 card reader, and it boots up, then shuts off after 10 seconds, it must have been applied right?

  10. #570
    akimazaki Guest
    You can't press ps button if what that show up.. you must off ps3 and pull out cable power.. after that put the downgrade dongle and push power and eject buton.. after ps3 shutdown itself.put lv2diag.self and 3.55 pup.. that is step.. are you check what minimum firmware can be downgrade on your console??

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