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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    candan Guest
    Are you saying your base is 3.40? Or you want to go to 3.40?

    If your base is 3.4 then yes you can. E3 will downgrade any firmware that's on a ps3 that isn't 3.56 base or more. The flasher doesn't give a crap which firmware is on it!

    And yes, I successfully downgraded my ofw4.31 to Rogero 4.21 this weekend using it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pepsiman View Post
    Well its brand new, everything lights up as it should and it lets me upgrade it though did use an update from last year as recommended.

    Can't work out how to edit, the lights 1, 4 and 5 come on when trying to backup.
    It will likely let you apply the update bin onto the e3 nor, cos its only drawing power from the ps3 nor. But you're getting those errors because you're trying to take a nor dump from the ps3 and don't have a proper seated connection to all the pins on the clip to the pins on the nor, then you will get errors. It took me hours to get this going for me. Ended up putting a fair amount of pressure on the nor to get it to work.

    The biggest tip is to not reassemble the ps3 after you've clipped the flasher until you've completed the downgrade. I just attached the back plate of the motherboard and mounted the fan directly onto the CPU and GPU. Then I put the mobo back in the case, and plugged in the mobo, so I could power up. Once all done I pulled the flasher out then rebuilt the machine. My 2nd ps3 is dual boot, and for that I would never use the nor clip, it's certain death! Use the e3 linker...

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    sharinganjose Guest

    Question about e3 flasher

    After successful downgrade, do you need to keep the extra hardware installed or can it be removed?

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    candan Guest
    If you want to stay on the cfw, then yes, just remove it.

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    n00bsauce Guest

    Do I need more equipment besides E3 Flasher to downgrade?

    So I've been looking at online tuts and I feel confident that I can do this for my PS3 Fat. I already checked that it is a NOR so E3 is ideal for me. I don't have a solder gun and I don't want to spend money just for that unless I get into this for the money. Anywho, I saw in a youtube tut of this usb flash drive called P3GO and that it's needed to put the PS3 back into factory service mode. I don't think this comes with the kit.

    So I would like to know if that is necessary for me to have or could I create one on my own?


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    Monj Guest
    You will need to solder the E3 with nand consoles or I heard that the xbox360 nand clips work, I never tried it. and you can use the card avr to put your ps3 in factory service mode. I would stick with the reader avr instead of the ps3go usb.

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    racer0018 Guest
    You need something to put the ps3 into service mode. A computer to check the nor dump. A USB thumb drive to use for placing the ps3 firmware on it after you flash the downgrade bin to it. Also will need a micro sd card to put into the e3. Don't really need a soldering iron unless you brick the ps3 and then would need to solder a wire inside the ps3. Also don't so anything into you make sure that the nor dump is good.


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    wyldstallyn Guest
    Racer, I just got a CECH-2001a that i believe is NOR. i think its on 4.21OFW can you possibly point me to the correct E3 i need that might require no soldering?

    also for booting into factory service mode, can this be done with anything other? I'm very new to downgrading, my fat 60 just recently died and thats all ive had to deal with since launch. Thanks!

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    jimste1 Guest

    OFW 3.40 to ofw 3.55 with e3 flasher

    so i've finaly got the e3 and i'm having the card flash reader..

    i know i can downgrade my ps3 down under 3.55 but i need a tut i can follow to make sure i'm doing everything right does somebody have that?

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    bombfist20 Guest
    do you know how to downgrade a ps3 320 4.31?

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    candan Guest
    You need to start here ( to see if you even can...

    Once you've determined that you might be able to, confirm by using minverchk.pup. Put it on a thumb drive, shove it in your PS3 and run the program from "system update" in XMB. If it says your base FW is 3.55 or lower you can. If not, nothing you can do. That's enough to get you started...

    So, I did my first downgrade. It took a while to get the pins to seat properly from the clip to the ps3 NOR. In the end, I used a very scientific method (see attached) and it worked! LOL

    Now, for my second system, I'm going to try a dual boot. I have JSD-001 on the 2nd unit. I intend to use the e3 for permanent insallation. I am comfortable with the pin outs. The only thing I'm not sure of as I see it some places and not in others, do I need to CUT the A/B points as shown in some diagrams on this board to do dualboot or not? I'm OK with the SBCE to TRISTATE, but the cutting line I need some direction on... Please and thanks )

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