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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    ToSsh Guest
    Oh my brain. I'm confused. If I get E3 Limited, whether somebody else dongle?

    What is a dongle and why is it needed?

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    NTA Guest
    That reminds me, I came across this: Sony Service JIG = Is a special USB dongle used in Sony service centers to attempt to re-flash consoles that have corrupted firmware or consoles that are completely bricked.This Official Sony JIG requires a special Sony in-house LAN connection to re-flash firmware.

    Wouldn't life be much simpler if we had these? LOL

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    ToSsh Guest
    Oh, it turns out that Sony jig = dongle ?

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    G Sus Guest
    pretty much any dongle, e3 reader etc.

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    sguerrini97 Guest

    E3 Flasher NOR dump without e-sata station?

    Hi, i'm planning on using the standard edition of the e3 flasher to downgrade a nor ps3. It doesn't have the e-sata station, so i can't get in the XMB to make a nor backup (all tutorials say to wait for the XMB and press start). I was wondering if it's possible to make a dump while the ps3 says that the HDD was not recognized or if it's possible to make a dump during the "black screen" (by soldering a wire from VCC to SBE).

    Whit my other flasher (Teensy++) i can dump and write while the ps3 is blocked by the wire to VCC, can i do the same with the e3 flasher? Maybe with the "flash fun (1)" and the "backup (3)" switch on?

    Thanks and sorry for my english.

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    candan Guest

    Red Face Bleeding heart

    Hello everyone. I guess I'm feeling a little sentimental this evening

    I bought my first ps3 for my daughter for Christmas in 2010. I've always been a pc guy since the psone died out. Yes, I'm old (38) but ever since a kid I've enjoyed poking about with computers and stuff. Anyway to cut to the chase, as you can see I don't post very much, but I've been around for almost a couple of years on here, and mostly read. At some point, every question has been asked at least twice. My point isn't to advocate read, read, read, but to point out what I've learned in doing so. This is the only ps3 dev site I'm a member of. I've looked at all of them at some point or another. But this site, even though not the largest of them, is the one I come back to for dependable answers, healthy questions and all round good karma. Any page you read on the other sites gets completely hijacked by stupid arguments about "insert argument here". I really don't know what's worse. A dude asking a question about something that he clearly hasn't read a sentence from any "how to" guide, or the next guy that gets all pissed off cos he's reacted the first guy's idiocy! Ugh, painful isn't it?

    Anyway, back to the main point. All I really wanted to say is, in my time here of reading, I have learned a ton of information, that other than downgrading a ps3, I can't do a whole heck of a lot with...! But I have learned a ton, and I want to really thank everyone on here for asking mostly legitimate questions, and are answered as clearly as possible, by a community that clearly wants to learn and help everyone else learn. There's not many twats on here ruining it for everyone else.

    I was on 3.55 cfw up until about a year ago, when 3.56 poked it's ugly head. my 12 year old daughter updated. Oops. Whatever, it was a dream while it lasted. I've just ordered my e3 flasher where I will have a whack at downgrading both of the machines that I currently own. One i will just downgrade and the other I will try to dual boot. I think I'm ready to do it. I've learned so much in here from the good advice from people on here that I think I can do it one handed, with my eyes closed, standing on my head.

    Thanks for all the Knowledge guys. I'll report on how my 2 downgrades go. Great work!

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    Pepsiman Guest

    Installed E3 flasher, nothing is happening!

    Basically followed the guide for a 80 gig phat, clipped to correct chip then to flasher, put back together. all the leds on the flasher seem to light up bar the blue leds when I try to upgrade. The esata part works though as when connected to it the system boots but not sure if that happens anyway even if clip is attached wrong. The flasher looks like a offiical one as no sticker on it and no extra solder.

    Though the box said e3 nor flasher

    Any advice?

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    elser1 Guest
    for the fat ps3 with nand you need to solder alot.are you sure it is all correct.maybe if theres no sticker it is a fake product?

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Your best bet would be to go with Progskeet solderless bundle to downgrade a NAND Ps3. As far as I know the E3 only works with NOR Ps3's and not NAND Ps3's like what you and I have.

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    Pepsiman Guest
    Looking at the pictures on the site its a legitimate product, the error I get is

    start logging... backup PS3 BIOS. fail to initialize PS3 BIOS.

    Its a PAL Cechl product

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