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    Apr 2005


    Nuked a lot of posts from this thread, guys please use your brains when posting here... this topic is for E3 ONLY not Rogero, multiMAN, etc updates. If you wish to discuss the E3 CFW only feel free to do so now... Thanks!

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    silver007 Guest
    MUSHROOM WARS + DLC 5 MAPS not on E3. Please fix on E3

    Full game:

    Patch Update 1.01:

    DLC + FIX 3.41/3.55:

    only on 3.55 or 3.41

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    Blade86 Guest
    -.- murphys law

    I think everything is installable, you just need to take the SELFs (and ebbot.bin)/SPRXs and resign them with 3.55+ keys, i.e 3.60

    I think if you use the 4.21 Resigner it should be no problem


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    G Sus Guest
    anything signed for rogero will also work on the e3, multiman does i'm running 4.08.01 showtime installed too

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    BluRay Guest
    Blade86, since deank had to resign MultiMan to work on 4.30, 4.21 Resigner probably wouldn't work on this.

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    G Sus Guest
    all these options in the xmb menu that are blocked off with "not available in demo mode" i don't think it has anything to do with the Fw being a cex hybrid.

    i reckon a dongle is gonna suddenly appear that unlocks all that and possibly offer new features like ps2 psp compatability or something. very suspicious ain't I strange how a lot of people report errors booting games if a memory stick is plugged in the usb port.

    is the fw looking for a dongle ? maybe it will keep auto updating the psn passphrase so it cant get blocked out. (who knows but i reckon something weird about this FW)

    the demo mode has really got me paranoid.

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    technodon Guest
    no, its just cause they used explore_plugin.sprx from shop firmware to make install package files appear.

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    G Sus Guest
    why couldn't they have used explore_plugin.sprx from retail firmware and patch it ? i'm a noob to the tech stuff, im asking cos im really paranoid. since i appear to be stuck with this or kmeaw, since for some reason toggleQA no longer runs on my ps3 it just freezes my ps3 and i have to pull plug and hope it aint bricked.

    ive tried other fw but only 2 cfw my ps3 will recognise is kmeaw and this e3

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    Foo Guest

    E3 Fun Flash Downgrade Process

    E3 Fun Flash Downgrade Process

    Needed files:

    1. Solder the Tristate of the PS3 to the SBE pad on the E3's ribbon.

    2. Patch your bkpps3.bin with Rogero's PS3 Nor Dump Patcher v0.01 or patch it manually. Once that's done, place it by itself on a micro SD Card.

    3. Flip all switches down, except the first one (Flash Flun). Turn the PS3 on. If you get a 1101111 error the Tristate is not on correctly. When PS3 is powered on, press the START button on the PS3 and wait for the LED's on the indicator to reach 100% (Once finished they will flash alternatively).

    4. Switch off the console from the back using the switch provided with the E3 kit. Flip down the Flash Fun switch and place your USB downgrade jig in the port closest to the Blueray Drive (furthest to the right).

    5. Quickly press the power and eject button. If successful (depending on your dongle) it will flash or flash green and the console should power off automatically (If not repeat the process but faster). If the console gives you a YLOD, check the Tristate and Flash Fun switch.

    6. Copy Lv2diag.self (File1) & Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7 onto a USB. Place the USB in the same port you used for the downgrade jig. Turn on the console and the downgrade process should begin automatically (You can tell by the HD and USB light flickering). Once the install is finished the console will turn off automatically (Check the log on the USB to confirm it was successful).

    7. Copy the Lv2diag.self (File2) onto the USB (Replacing the first Lv2diag.self). Place the USB in the same port you used in the last process. Switch on the console and it should switch off automatically after a few seconds.

    8. Power the console back on and you should see the connect the controller screen. Now follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the XMB. If the screen is black, check if the Tristate cable is fully removed (not bridged etc) or if its still attached; not touching anything.

    9. Dehash the console and or install/set QA Flag/Toggle to prevent bricking when changing firmware.

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    djole dubona Guest
    this is a great guide.

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