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    its only multiman v02.xx.xx a really old one that was open source

    probably can't play split games from ext.
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    Well I just upgraded to this but the E3 Manager sucked as the remote play on my Vita couldn't play any games through E3 manager so I used Rogero's downgrade PUP and came back down to 4.21 v9!!

    Only once I spend 40 minutes doing the downgrade Multiman has just been upgraded to work on 4.30!! typical might try upgrading again or just wait for Rogero as his firmware has always been my favourite anyway.

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    lol typical bad timing. may as well wait now, i'd assumes rogero is close to a 4.30 if multiman updated to it, cos multiman new don't work with the new cfw

    there will be someone around here who will test see if it works on E3 cfw and inform us how it goes
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    still having some issues and I don't want to brick my console!.. e3 flasher file links seem to be down, could anyone help me in downgrading my ps3 4.25 so i don't mess it up. I know e3 released a new 4.30 CFW I am on OFW 4.25...

    I watched the videos but I am unure which files i use to upgrade the e3 flasher and do i need to downgrade to ofw 3.55? or can i go straight to 4.30cfw? any help would be awesome. I managed to get 2011-10-14 spansion macronix update and 2011-10-28 samsung update downloaded..

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    does e3 not have a support page ?

    their flashers are not cheap, i'd assume they offer proper support.

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    I patched vsh.self by vsh.self patcher for using reactpsn. now I wanna know "will it create some problems with QAflag (cause this method is fully depend on vsh.self) and psn?"

    your answers cause a beautiful smile!

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    i've just installed the e3cfw over top of rogero 4.25V1 using the xmb, its journey so far. 3.55 ofw to 3.55 kmeaw to rogero 4.25V1 from xmb and now straight to e3 4.30 cfw from xmb

    i got to be luckiest person alive lol

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    Any way of downgrading back to 3.55 with out an E3?

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    and they've fixed the ingame xmb. its not perfect but its working.

    what firmware you on Djmatrix32? if its OFW and its above 3.55 then the answer is no. if its one of the Cfw then yes you can.

    they will all be full of bugs at first. i just dont trust the e3 release for some reason.

    things are certainly interesting between Rogero an E3 / BlueDisk. the cfw keeps coming, its like christmas everyday.

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    do I need original eboots for all the games now or will the 3.55 patched ones work fine?


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