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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    G Sus Guest
    i've been told the 4.25 to 3.55 downgrade pup works to get back off it

    i can't confirm it though cos i wont try it

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    chimchabalo Guest
    c'mon! somebody try it men! I swear if I had a flasher it was been tried 10 hours ago!

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    appache777 Guest
    alright thanks ill wait for some more feedbacks on this

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    AdilAliraqe Guest
    It work for me from e3 cfw 4.30 to kmeaw cfw 3.55 using down 4.25 to 3.55 ok enter your text here, to modify it.

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    G Sus Guest
    thanks for that , i've been waiting to hear it confirmed.

    still not trying the cfw though, i'll stay on rogero

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    AdilAliraqe Guest
    I make video just wait upload

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    solokaz Guest
    I try to 3.70 OFW ,4.25 OFW, 4.30 OFW this E3 CFW 4.30 not working i don't now why stuck in 70%

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    niwakun Guest
    i do hope that you read the 1st post. it said that it needs to be installed under 3.55 firmware,

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    AdilAliraqe Guest
    Here is my video

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    kabecilhas Guest
    This is a CFW?

    I can change my Rogero 4.21 v1.09 to this?


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