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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    Arrow E3 Team to Release PS3 CFW v4.30 Free Soon with Game Manager

    Today the E3 Team announced they (and likely several other teams) will be releasing a PS3 CFW v4.30 for 'free' soon (since the PS3 LV0 / Bootldr / Appldr Keys etc are in the wild) with their own Game Manager as well.

    Download: E3 CFW 4.30 PUP / E3 Manager 4.30 / E3 CFW 4.30 and / E3 Fun Flash Downgrade Process

    E3 CFW 4.30.pup (192.2 MB - 201,540,219 bytes)
    MD5 .PUP: 6FB3A01F02A1EE97178241D9B38DA49E

    E3MANAGER430.pkg (11.3 MB - 11,885,312 bytes)
    MD5 .PKG: F3B12BDCC400078A12683C9EDF83ADB8

    Update #2: An anonymous user called Soon has shared PS3 LV0 for 4.30 / 4.25 and LV2 of 4.21 decrypted, and with his LV0 4.25, LV2 4.25 and LV0 4.30 dumped & decrypted (below) and states that the E3 CFW should not be installed.

    Download (Passwords Removed): lv0_430_decrypted.rar / / LV2FW4.21.BIN.rar / PS3 LV0.elf Decrypted / PS3 4.30 VSH.self Decrypted by PatrickBatman

    Mirrors: LV0 4.25 Dump Decrypted (Password: soonconsolecrunch) / LV2 4.25 Dump Decrypted / LV0 4.30 Dump Decrypted (Password: consolecrunch)

    To quote (via are: Ok guys let’s take a big step there is the lv0 4.25 decrypted (elf) you should able to find the keys for the lv2/lv1/appldr

    Boot Loader SE Version 4.2.5 …(Build ID: 4859,49406, .Build Date: 2012-09-10_13:48 :01)……..SDK Version

    And here's some cool info:
    • The people WHO don't have the E3 don't install the cfw 4.30 it lock you to 4.30 and you can go back to older firmware without e3
    • The E3 team patch the Lv0 of the 4.30 and i saw no really good things about it... careful seriously
    • Ok let's give more stuff after the Lv0 4.25 decrypted, the LV2 dump 4.21, here the LV0 4.30 decrypted too
    • Again i recommend to not install the E3 4.30 firmware they lock you and they patched the LV0 badly that to force you to use the E3 product in the future

    Additional Information: The files are said to contain..
    • Boot Loader SE Version 4.2.5 ...(Build ID: 4859,49406, .Build Date: 2012-09-10_13:48 :01)........SDK Version
    • 4.2.5 sys.lv0.version. 4859 sys.lv0.revision sys.lv0.address. sys.lv0.size sys.flash.fmt sys.flash.ext sys.flash.boot sys.wake_source. sys.qaf.qafen sys.hw.config sys.hw.config_ve rsion sys.hw.model_emu late sys.cellos.flags sys.cellos.spu.c onfigure sys.sata.param ode sys.boot.gos
    • Boot Loader SE Version 4.3.0 ...(Build ID: 4878,49489, .Build Date: 2012-10-17_17:48 :21)........SDK Version
    • 4.3.0...sys.lv0. version.4878

    PS3 4.30 VSH.self Decrypted (from above) by PatrickBatman details, as follows:

    4.30 VSH.elf - Old way to patch vsh.self was... Dont know this still applies:
    patch 8byte in vsh.self for reActPSN==========================================
    version addr old data new data function
    3.55retail 0x30b230 4b cf 5b 45 -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed allow unsigned act.dat *.rif
    3.55retail 0x30ac90 48 31 b4 65 -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed act.dat missing after reboot
    3.55debug 0×312308 4b ce ea 6d -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed allow unsigned act.dat *.rif
    3.55debug 0x311d68 48 31 b7 d5 -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed act.dat missing after reboot
    3.41retail 0x305dc4 4b cf af b1 -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed allow unsigned act.dat *.rif
    3.41retail 0×305824 48 31 43 ad -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed act.dat missing after reboot
    3.41debug 0x30cedc 4b cf 3e 99 -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed allow unsigned act.dat *.rif
    3.41debug 0x30c93c 48 31 47 1d -> 38 60 00 00 // fixed act.dat missing after reboot
    Patch vsh.self by youself for new CFW
    run dev_blind
    copy /dev_blind/vsh/module/vsh.self to d:/vsh/vsh.self.0
    cd d:/vsh
    unself vsh.self.0 vsh.self.elf
    hexedit vsh.self.elf
    if *(addr)==old data then *(addr)=new data
    only 2 addr, 8byte data fixed in one vsh.self.elf
    self_rebuilder vsh.self.elf vsh.self vsh.self.0
    copy vsh.self to /dev_blind/vsh/module/vsh.self
    Update: From their page: 2012-10-28

    The E3TEAM has released the latest E3 CFW4.30 for free. The bricking issue has been improved. Just download here (Mirror / Mirror #2) and enjoy. (Pass is

    Here we mention to E3 flasher users that you do not need to solder a wire to use the latest upgrade.bin file to unbrick a console.

    • You still need to be on CFW v3.55 or OFW v3.55 to install this new CFW v4.30 from the E3 Team.
    • It is best if downgrading to follow the normal steps and dehashing like with Rogero just to be sure of no bricks.
    • E3 will be releasing an upgraded E3 Flasher 'update.bin' (firmware) to handle direct downgrading to CFW v4.30. (Beware: Their hardware required, just one of many strings now disclosed)

    From their page (now removed as they claim they weren't ready yet ): 2012-10-26

    1: E3TEAM released the latest E3 CFW4.30 free, it's improved the brick problem. We will release the new game manager if none brick matter happen. Just download here (dead link now) and enjoy. (PASS is

    Here we mention E3 flasher user that you needn't solder wire with latest upgrade.bin file to unbrick console.

    From IRC comes some common sense: [+impacted] wow, one step solution for e3, release a cfw, brick a few consoles, sell a few flashers

    Not sure why anyone would want to use a for-profit commercial company's free "bait" (with undisclosed strings attached) PS3 CFW and Game Manager (likely 'locked' to their CFW) over a truly free and open-source PS3 scene one though, as they could pwn, brick and lock your PlayStation 3 console at any time and you would be at their financial mercy to get it fixed, updated, etc similar to how people didn't fall for the recent BlueDisk CFW scheme.

    If they truly wanted to help the PlayStation 3 scene they would simply release updated PS3 MFW scripts so people could make their own PS3 4.30 Custom Firmware without the need to worry about hidden DRM bundled in or downloading 170+MB files.

    [imglink=|E3 Team to Release PS3 CFW v4.30 Free Soon with Game Manager][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    I love you

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    Rand023 Guest
    they have a new link up on main site

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    Thanks for the update and +Rep Rand023, I have updated the main article with it as well now.

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    technodon Guest

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    NTA Guest
    Does this one require that 3.55 also?

    My life is so difficult without showtime LOL

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    I believe so, apparently the reason users have to be on 3.55 to go to 4.XX CFW is because PS3 developers still need to use the 3.55 Keys to resign the PUPs... they can't be resigned using the 4.XX Keys to date unfortunately.

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    AcIdMaX Guest
    I installed this firmware from rogero 4.21 v1 from recovery so far everything works psn backups emu only thing not working is multi man v4 but e3 manager works and its really just a older version of mm

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    AndreTrek Guest
    Finally someone released a 4.30 CFW. Too bad it's not an open-source developer. Guess I have to wait some more then.

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    YuuZA Guest
    30mins upload not going to waste

    E3 CFW 4.30 and (203.31 MB)
    Password: See HERE
    CRC32: F3C4CA60
    MD5: DE3D85952ECDE42CCE8BE3E755787CDD
    SHA-1: 41E8437F3FF9DB943D37EAC54FAE9A4E04EF1651

    You can download the .sfv file here E3 CFW 4.30 and manager.sfv (190 Bytes)

    I recommend if anyone on 4.21 to please follow Rogero's guide to downgrade first and then move to this one to avoid a larger chance of bricking or wait it out like some of us to hear more feedback.

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