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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    matt101 Guest
    just to let you know.. used e3 silenthill downpour patch on the release and screen kept flickering for 5 mins then said installing data... so hopefully will work... even tho game didn't get good reviews... taking ages to install tho working so far

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    elser1 Guest
    has anyone figured out how to make these eboots yet? i'm guessing all the new dex fw ps3s will help.

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    fantopoulos Guest
    i been playing it for a while now it is actually pretty neat game at first it is a bit slow, but once you get further into the game and check and find side quests it is rather very cool game, in my opinion it been the best of the last 3 release easily their has been 8 first one usually is the best, but downpour is interesting to say the least, much more side quests as well

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    garine Guest

    Splinter Cell Trilogy HD & Batman Arkham City PS3 CFW 3.55 Fixes Out

    Following up on their previous PS3 CFW fixes, today the E3 Team have released EBOOT patches for Splinter Cell Trilogy HD (BLES01146) and Batman Arkham City (BLUS30538) for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users and have confirmed the PS3 v3.60+ keys are coming soon.

    Download: Splinter Cell Trilogy HD (Password: ilovee3) / Splinter Cell Trilogy HD (Mirror) / Splinter Cell Trilogy HD (Mirror #2) / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update) (Password: ilovee3) / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update - BLES Version) by SGKTeam / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update) (Mirror) / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update) (Mirror #2) / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update) (Mirror #3) / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update) (Mirror #4) / Batman Arkham City (v1.04 Update) (Mirror #5) / Batman Arkham City (BLUS30538 Original)

    To quote: Great news from E3 Team. We announced in advance last week that E3 Team will release a great news for all PS3 user.

    Here is our official claim:

    1: E3 Team will release all PS3 game free in public.
    • It allow any 3.55CFW play all the new game without dongle.
    • Just like the free EBOOT released by E3 Team before.

    2: E3 Team will release the new key free in public.
    • User can decrypt the new game by himself in few seconds.
    • Please note all the release will be free with NO pay.

    E3 Team are building a full new system to release those free gift.
    • We expect user can join this system to get what they want after 1-2 month.
    • We will release more news about this system later.
    • (PS: all is for downgradable console)

    Following is our free EBOOT for 2 new game, password is same as before.

    Splinter Cell Trilogy HD CFW 3.55
    Release Name: Splinter.Cell.Trilogy.HD.PS3.USA.3.55.E3FIX-NOGRP [BLES-01146]
    Title: Splinter Cell Trilogy HD
    DiscID: BLES01146

    Batman Arkham City v1.04 CFW 3.55
    Release Name: Batman.Arkham.City.PS3.USA.3.55.E3FIX-NOGRP [BLUS-30538]
    Title: Batman Arkham City
    DiscID: BLUS30538
    Version: 1.04

    From pr0p0sitionJOE comes a Batman Arkham City: All DLC Pack (BLUS30538) which includes Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, All Characters Skins, Challenge Map Pack and the Batsuit Skins fully fixed for PS3 3.55 CFW with no ReActPSN needed!


    1) Harley Quinn DLC - New mission wich continues with Batmans disappearing while investigating return of Harley Quinn.
    2) Catwoman DLC - gamemodes with Catwoman, 2 extra costumes "Animated Comic Series" and "The long helloween".
    3) Nightwing DLC - gamemodes with Nightwing, new challenge maps: Wayne Manor and Main Hall, extra costume.
    4) Robin DLC - gamemodes with Robin, new challenge maps: Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape, new costume
    5) Batsuit Skin DLC Inc, Future Batman, Sinestro Corp. - new Batman suits. Finish the game to unlock the suits or use cheats.
    6) Challenge Map DLC - Map pack is a Jokers Carnival so when you get a freeflow combo of 100 you get to fight Joker.
    7) All Characters Skins DLC - Contains all Batman suits and other Characters costumes released up to date.


    1. Install E3 Team update 1.04 patch 3.55.
    2. Install any of DLC. Not necessary to install all.
    3. Install ALL DLC FIX.
    4. If adding some DLC after, apply ALL DLC FIX again.
    5. Run your retail game with MM.

    NOTE: BLES users install BLUS DLC and FIX and copy the USRDIR folder to BLES update 1.04 folder.

    Finally, from ZOMBIEKILLAH comes a real BLES00926 patch for Batman Arkham City v1.04 with details below as follows:

    This is the real patch region converted & is FULL v1.04 so DLC sould work once fixed.
    • Credit E3 OG PreFix ..
    • Credit ZombieKillah Region conversion ..
    • Credit tested by (henterson)
    • Credit tested by (depblkman)
    • Working now cause of the "DATA" was the problem.

    This is supposed to be used on the real EU Game since this is a FULL EU 104 patch. So if you have the real game should boot .If you have USA then you might want to convert or use the US patch..

    This was said to work by 1 person & the other did not. Might be CFW or internal or a mistake ? Please give feedback. edit- Works from the depblkman his data was the issue..

    If you have the real DISC ? Try the first one if you know the game is not been converted before.
    The "REAL" 104 patch with my encrypted NPDRM Eboot.. BLES00926-BATMAN.ARKHAM.CITY.104.PATCH 355 Spoofed (v9.99)


    Here is another that if don't work for you the first one being its the real BLES patch here is a converted BLUS to BLES using the different patch files (BLUS Convert to BLES Conversion).

    Please post if works & what CFW/internal/external/OG game or scene BLES00926.


    BATMAN.ARKHAM.CITY.104.PATCH 341/355 PATCH Spoofed (v9.99) - (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH)

    Download: (BLES00926) / (BLUS30538)

    Please post if BLUS30538 is ok should be fine. My patch is not same as E3 i decrypt the eboot & compress like a real NPDRM patch.

    [imglink=|Splinter Cell Trilogy HD & Batman Arkham City PS3 CFW 3.55 Fixes Out][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Splinter Cell Trilogy HD & Batman Arkham City PS3 CFW 3.55 Fixes Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    good stuff e3 team. batman is one of the best games ever imo. its awesome as. enjoy!!

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    dyceast Guest
    Good stuff

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    StanSmith Guest
    So they can make 3.55 fixes that don't need a dongle so why don't they either make all the 3.56+ games fixes or release a tool so we can make our own or even a tutorial so we aren't limited to what they release. I would gladly make fixes for every game if I had the tools to do it.

    I think they release only a few so we want their dongle when they release it. There is no need for a dongle and these releases prove it. How about release a CFW with the dongle stuff built into it?

    Anyway, thanks E3 for these releases. I hope there are a lot more coming. How about try to beat the other team for releases, now that's something that EVERYONE wants to see.

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    If you look above, they talk about releasing the eboots for free without a dongle. And the keys to decrypt our own eboots.

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    StanSmith Guest
    OOPS! I should've read it all first. The last I heard from the them was they were going to release some sort of DRM dongle so this is a very good change from what I last heard.

    About time someone came out and actually helped out the PS3 scene. First there was the CEX 2 DEX conversion and now this. Looks like we no longer need any dongles. Hope the other team goes broke and die off quickly. THANKS E3 TEAM!

    What version is the Batman AC BLES FIX? I installed the Harley Quinn DLC and it asks for the latest update so I'm guessing its not the latest update/fix.

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Any chance at getting Arkham City full game uploaded? Can't seem to find it except for rarefile and it needs premium.

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