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  1. #391
    bassembb Guest
    Oh really didn't Notice

    its an answer to page one.

  2. #392
    fantopoulos Guest
    links are dead deleted folks

  3. #393
    azoreseuropa Guest
    LOL.. I am talking about Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge that will come to Wii U this fall but it is completely difference from Ninja Gaiden 3 version for PS3. Sorry for the confusion, thought.

    Including Mass Effect 3, of course.

  4. #394
    EiKii Guest
    ouch, lol either EA re-use eboots, or this might smell some fake fix? anything odd in the other eboot?

  5. #395
    Tepoo Guest
    tons of theses dongles and projects appears. i'm sick of this sort of hacking, where is the time like D_A and waninkoko when those CFW's or hacks where free for all.

    i give a crap of those "new" ways, when people one want to make money with it.

  6. #396
    technodon Guest
    The other one seems to be right

  7. #397
    Lando43 Guest
    the problem is with ps3 hardware seems it's easy to make these DRM dongles and implement it in cfw, Wii and xbox don't work this way fortunately or else people would try to make money from those as well.

  8. #398
    bockers Guest
    Dream on if you think it will be free

  9. #399
    johnmindfreak Guest
    if its anything like dual booting an rgh i will get it

  10. #400
    StanSmith Guest
    It would be nice if they released a CFW that had the dongle patches built in so there will be no need for a dongle. They can do it but as everyone is in it for the money they refuse to release a CFW and release a DRM locked dongle instead.

    I miss D_A and Waninkoko who did it properly the first time and all for free. The PS3 scene is full of profiteers and this just proves it. Still can't get any better than the Xbox360 scene. It's always been fast and free. Same as the Wii scene.

    I guess the Vita will be another Dongle as D_A isn't around to crack it for us.

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