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  1. #371
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Downloading is one. Thank you very much. I dont know why letitbit doesn't work for me. Any links works fine for me.. Anyway, one more question.. have you test it for 3.41 ?

  2. #372
    kanketsu Guest
    Haven't got the chance yet, unfortunately. No rush for NG3, too.

  3. #373
    nenele84 Guest
    not just on kmeaw 3.55.

  4. #374
    technodon Guest
    did you people not read my post? the e3 eboots are signed with 3.21 keys so it should work on 3.21, 3.41, 3.55 even demonhades 3.56..

  5. #375
    elser1 Guest
    pity these may be the only 2 "free" fixes e3 releases..

    would be mad if someone did all releases for free like on every other console.

  6. #376
    kanketsu Guest
    I actually read that after I DLed the "3.41 fix" from letitbit link. Bad timing on my part, I guess

    Reupload the file due to Bearman's request .. and to make things merrier?

  7. #377
    kanketsu Guest
    elser1 well, one thing usually leads to another. E3 might only release 2 free fixes, but who knows - maybe this will motivate some other devs to release other fixes? Ripple effect

    BTW, who else wants to see the return of cheat pkgs? Just saying

  8. #378
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Don't bother. It doesn't work for me. I am trying page 1 eboot fixed was report work for 3.41. I am going to test it now.

  9. #379
    kanketsu Guest
    Ah, sorry to hear that. Let us know about the page 1 fix then.

  10. #380
    NTA Guest
    Who is this e3 team -_-

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