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  1. #361
    kanketsu Guest
    Eh? I just DL the file from the letitbit link above. The file unrared just fine, too.

  2. #362
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Here are both links.

    FIFA Street

    Ninja Gaiden 3

  3. #363
    azoreseuropa Guest
    I don't know why.. Can you reuploading 3.41 version ? I want to test it and report if it works fine for 3.41 rebug, thanks.

  4. #364
    justev Guest
    Thanks just checked the ninja gaiden one and it works good so far

  5. #365
    kanketsu Guest
    Should be up in about 15-20 minutes (crappy internet here)... unless someone else reupped it first

  6. #366
    nenele84 Guest

  7. #367
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Great, I will be waiting. By the way, did you test it on 3.41 ? I am currently using 3.41 rebug.

    Same message: File not found.

  8. #368
    kanketsu Guest
    Get it while you can: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oxl5ll

  9. #369
    nenele84 Guest
    sorry works well for me.

  10. #370
    kolabi Guest
    when comparing the eboot of ninja gaiden 3 with e3 modified eboot the size are the same , e3 eboot is signed with 3.30 keys

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