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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    technodon Guest
    each console has a minimum firmware that it will downgrade too so if it came with 3.66 out of the box it wont downgrade any lower. the only thing i can suggest is upload your nor backups to mediafire or depositfiles or something and i will take a look and see if the backup had no errors. if it checks out it should be possible to restore it

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    absarhegde Guest
    That would be very kind of you.

    Here are the files

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    joffe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by absarhegde View Post
    i took a back up of my ps3 bios, i got 4 different files namely bkpps30.bin, bkpps31.bin, bkpps32.bin and E3flasher.log
    all three *.bin files were identical, so reading bios should be OK. I don't have E3 flasher and I am not familiar with their tools. However when you open the bin-file with a hex editor you can find at 0x400:

    73 61 63 65 72 75 5F 65 6F 6C 64 61 72 65 00 00 | saceru_eoldare..

    but normally I would expect:

    61 73 65 63 75 72 65 5F 6C 6F 61 64 65 72 00 00 | asecure_loader..

    so it seems that odd/even bytes are swapped. As I said I don't now E3 tools and how they work, but probably it is possible to enable 'Byte Swapping' option anywhere?

    What do you get when you read your bricked FLASH?

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    absarhegde Guest
    I have checked the NOR dump and it checks with no error, i dont know what you're saying about bricked flash.. please be more open cause am noob here

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    geeze Guest
    Hi mate, do yourself a favour & contact mushy i have the same fault from using a e3 flasher. mushy has now got my console he believes he can sort it out.

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    absarhegde Guest
    Who is mushy ?? idk HIM

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    geeze Guest
    Forum Moderator mushy409.

    I'm sure he will be able to help you

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    technodon Guest
    because you have a 3000x series 3.66 out of the box with new metldr.2 there is no hope of a downgrade but it should be possible to revive the console if you have a good nor dump also the e3 flasher is now worthless because as far as i know they can only be used on one console and because you made a backup it will be paired with your device..

    anyway try this: rename one of your backups to bkpps3.bin then place it on the microSD card put all the switches down on the flasher and hold start and turn on the console it should begin flashing and when completed reboot (hope this helps)

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    absarhegde Guest
    That was a very nice suggestion, but unfortunately it didn't help, i tried holding start button, all the switches down (ps3 mode), an when i starts the ps3 it directly shuts down... and when i tried the first switch up and the rest down (fun flash mode) then ps3 remains on but nothing on the screen and if i press start on e3 flasher, after a minute 3 blue leds starts blinking (which is not normal)...

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    racer0018 Guest
    You can use it on other ps3s, your sol it you use dual boot. Ok on to the next, which country are you in? If you are in the states I could take a look at it. When you soldered in the wire to reflash it, did you set the switches for flash fun?

    If not resolder the wire and try to set the switches and see what you cAn do. If not and you live in the states I could solder the progskeet and reflash and see if I can get it. Thanks and let me know.

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