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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    goodone Guest
    on which models ?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This is for people who want to use any other 3.55 CFW and not Rogero's 3.55 CFW for people who downgrade their PS3. It just makes them downgrade to 3.41 to make it safer to upgrade again.

    So it's for people who wanted to use CFW for those who have the dongle.

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    technodon Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    I haven't heard any reports of people getting banned when updating to OFW from CFW, but to be safe you can delete all your game and file managers.
    best to do a full format of the hard drvie to be 100% sure.

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    absarhegde Guest

    Bricked PS3 while downgrading with E3 flasher

    Hello everyone!!! Am stuck with a bricked PS3, i had OFW 3.66 so i upgraded it with 3.72 to downgrade to 3.55 via E3 Flasher, i took a back up of my ps3 bios, i got 4 different files namely bkpps30.bin, bkpps31.bin, bkpps32.bin and E3flasher.log. so i tried to restore with the same bios and from then on, MY PS3 GOT BRICK

    i tried soldering the SBE and NOR tristate, and followed the tutorial with my bios still same problem, my ps3 starts and goes off, TRIED with modified bios of someone who told that it can help, but it didnt work too.

    Is there someone who have face the same problem and have any solution ? Please help me. MY Ps3 model is cech 3000A, it had 3.66ofw.

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    metzen Guest
    Did you try getting the recovery menu? Hold your power down until the unit beeps... keep holding. It will beep twice and then shutdown. Once it shuts down repeat the process and wait for the two beeps. You will hopefully be in the recovery mode.

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    absarhegde Guest
    thanks for the help, if i ll enter in recovery mode, what should i do then ?

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    metzen Guest
    Whatever firmware you were attempting I would suggest trying to install that same firmware again to see what results you get. I wouldn't try the backup you got from a friend only because the original one you have should be the one your trying. You could always try reverting back to 3.66 and seeing if it will allow withe the E3 Flasher.

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    absarhegde Guest
    i tried to enter recovery mode, but it fails, everytime i keep holding the power button the PS3 shutsdown without the second beep, and it is completely shutting off no lights on ps3. it is not possible to enter the recovery mode i guess.

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    technodon Guest
    The 3000x series cant be downgraded cech-2503b was the last downgradable model and if you attempted to re-flash the bios without checking if the dump you made had no errors, the console is bricked for good!

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    absarhegde Guest
    so is it impossible to unbrick my ps3 ??

    e3flasher site says every NOR chip can be downgradable, thats why i got a new E3 flasher..

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