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    syphonlord Guest
    Let us know how you get on with installing the flasher cause im seriously thinking of getting one since my custom firmware ps3 yloded. Its either get a flasher or get my ps3 reflowed, just worried how long it will last though.

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    imajei Guest

    Stick Out Tongue E3 flasher tutorial update + psp service mode

    I noticed a lot of people out there having problems getting this thing to work properly

    Simply follow these instructions for the FATS

    For SLIMS

    To get into service mode:

    I used a PSP Jailbroken on firmware 5.50

    Just follow these videos they will work.

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    jrod661 Guest

    Confused E3 flasher help

    so i just watched a video on the e3 flasher install, and i had three questions that really keep bugging me. I was wondering if anyone here could help me?

    First question, after i have complete everything on the install video like they showed , and i successfully get the downgrade on the ps3 will i have to repeat the downgrading process every time i want to switch between a backed up game to my regular disc games or is it a one time only process, like once you do the process everything is pretty much final.

    Second, will i still be able get on the psn? and play my games online?

    and my last one, i have parental settings set up because i have a household of children running around. And i was wondering if once the full installation is complete with the downgrade process finished also, will I be able to set up the parental settings again, without having to worry about them being removed every time I have to do the downgrade process? (this one kind of goes with my first question) anyways thanks in advance.

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    racer0018 Guest
    To answer your questions:

    The first one is that it all depends on what games that you want to play. If you downgrade the ps3 to 3.55 so you can jailbreak it then you want to play a game with 3.56 keys or above then you will need a true blue or you will need to update the ps3 to the firmware that is needed for that game.

    For the second question is that you can not get on psn without having 4.00 installed on your ps3.

    OK for the last question is that the parental controls will work on all firmware that they are included in.

    OK to bring it all together the e3 does do a dual boot so you switch between on firmware for the jail break and the other being 4.00 so you can log into psn. But this you will have to have two hard drives for each of the firmwares. Also so that you know the chances are that when you do downgrade your ps3 you will in the end loose everything off the hard drive so make sure that you have a backup. Also what is the ps3 so that we know if you can downgrade. thanks

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    jrod661 Guest
    thank you very much for the reply. Ok so now this sounds a bit complicated, i have a ps3 slim, and i'm just looking for a ps3 that can play backups and be able to get on the psn at the same time. Without a whole bunch of transferring files or swaping drives. Is this possible?

  6. #276
    HeyManHRU Guest
    No it isn't, your best best is using the E3 flasher to dual boot atm.

  7. #277
    tommasi Guest
    can i downgrade a cech-3001b ps3 with 3.72 out of the box?

  8. #278
    jrod661 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    No it isn't, your best best is using the E3 flasher to dual boot atm.
    so after i do the complete e3 flasher process with downgrade, i can play all backups and get on the psn without having to do any file transfers? is it possable to play the back ups online?

  9. #279
    JW117 Guest

    e3 flasher

    I have a question i have a ps3 slim 120 gb on 3.55 and what i want is to mod some data for games and try to get it to work on 4.00

    i have 2 hdds 40gb and 120 gb. if it didn't work and i upgraded to 4.00 can i downgrade then back too 3.55 and then try it again till it works right?

    and how long does that take? i don't have a e3 flasher yet.

  10. #280
    jrod661 Guest

    Modded PS

    Hey guys,

    i'm new here to the forum (as you can tell) and also new to the whole ps3's scene, i just got mine, and like all noobs i have a few question's. I recently owned a xbox, and now i have decide to just stay with a ps3 how ever i been reading up on some of the interesting topics here with modding/jailbreaking, and i came across something called a e3 flasher.

    now i have had a couple of modded systems in my past (excuding the ps3) but this system seem very confusing/difficult when it comes to hacks/mods at least to me. So i was wondering if you guys could clear some air for me on this whole matter.

    My question is if i get a e3 flasher installed on my ps3 can i play the back ups online? if not can i at least back up some games, and play regular disc games online anytime i please? your help is much appreciated here. thanks in advance guyz!

    any one?

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