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    Registered User mesarmath's Avatar
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    I have E3 flasher and installed it correctly. Now do i have to open PS3 again for this fast dual thing?
    E3 team say in their manual "One key fast dual boot operation need a wire to be cut on mainboard" and "solder A point to somewhere".
    Is that necessary? or is it just for some models?
    anyone who has done it and know it?
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    each console has a unique console key, if the nor backup you was corrupted in anyway and you attempted a downgrade without checking the backup using Flowrebuilder. the console is bricked for good!

    its not possible to unbrick the console using a nor backup from any other ps3 cause each console has a unique key, even if you make 1000x nor dumps if the first one is corrupted the same flaw will be duplicated in every dump you make.

    you should have checked to make sure that your nor backup was not corrupted using flowrebuilder before attempting to downgrade..
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    If true, this is alarming news... I've already got my e3 flasher last month, I can't wait to upgrade my e3 flasher now...

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    is there any videos on how to install this?

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    It would be nice if someone would make a video tutorial on this one..

    ow.. seems that you beat me to it..

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    Isn't there an easier way to tell if your MB supports fast dual boot, without having to take the PS3 apart? Specific models, etc?

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    E3 Flasher


    I wanted an E3 flasher. But I'm a little confused I read the E3 can only be used on one console, is this correct? If you want to downgrade a 2 PS3 it will not work?

    Thx a lot guys

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    Uhmmm... WHAT ? Where have you read that ?

    No it's Big BS. You can use the E3 on even more then 2 consoles.

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    i heard you can use it on more then one except when you dual boot am i right cfwprophet?

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    I have never tried it on more then one ps3.

    But have tried it on more then one ps3. I will have to try it and let everyone know.

    Sorry cant type today sorry about the other post.
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