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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    jpmagro73 Guest
    Hi, i have my PS3 slim bricked in 3.55. It's possible to put a flash of other ps3 Slim? With My backups I obtain errors in ps3. No boot. If this is possible, where i can obtain this file?


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    HeyManHRU Guest

    How to Dual Boot PS3 3.55 CFW and 4.00 OFW (FLASHER REQUIRED)

    Today mrdrifta (PS3 enthusiast) has stated that the E3 flasher (or any other flasher) will work with the new 4.00 system software update along side a tutorial on how to "dual boot". This tutorial is also useful for people who would like to downgrade.

    To quote via[tut]-98876/#post938881: Hi Guys,

    With the new System Firmware 4.00 for the PS3 i decided to see if downgrading was still possible. IT STILL IS!

    Anyway, i decided while i was at it, that i may as well make up a guide for Dual Booting cfw and ofw (or half booting, as e3 call it)

    Also i suggest people trying this, or just downgrading in general read HERE ( and HERE ( and HERE ( to get some background on the downgrade process via flashing.

    Whats Required:

    For this you will need a few things. They are as follows:
    • PlayStation 3 console that can run 3.55 (Newer slims may not work)
    • A hardware flasher (ProgSkeet, E3 Flasher, Teensy++, etc)
    • A way to get into service mode (dongle, psp, ipod, andriod, etc)
    • PS3UPDAT.PUP 4.00 (
    • Rogeros CFW3.55 syscon patches ( _Patch.PUP) rename PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • Downgrade Patches V2 (
    • A USB stick 512MB or larger for service mode software install
    • 2 Seperate Harddrives, 1 for OFW and 1 for CFW

    First things first, you need to install system firmware version 4.00 to your ps3. You should all know how to do this.

    Next, remove the harddrive. From now on we will call this drive OFW drive for 4.00.

    Insert your other harddrive and reinstall the system firmware. This drive will now be called CFW.

    Connect you Hardware Flasher to the ps3 and read the NOR/NAND. Make at least two dumps to compare and make sure they are valid.

    Name this valid dump OFW.bin. Keep your dumps in a safe place.

    Open one dump in a Hex editor and Copy in the patched files from Dospiedra's downgrade V2 patch files. (Just follow one of the downgrade tutorials on how to do this)

    Save the dump as something memorable and keep in a safe place with your other OFW dumps.

    Write your patched dump back to your ps3. Then you need to put your ps3 into service mode.

    Now get your FAT32 Formatted USB stick and place Lv2diag.self (File 1) and the Rogero CFW V2 pup(Renamed PS3UPDAT.PUP) onto the usb stick (make sure these are the only files on the stick.)

    Place USB stick in usb port closest to the blu-ray drive and power/eject buttons and turn console on. You should see the usb stick flashing and the ps3 HDD light flashing every so often. Wait a few minutes and the PS3 should turn itself off.

    Remove the USB stick and turn the ps3 back on. It should load into Rogeros 3.55CFW (system information will show 3.72). Now turn the ps3 off again.

    Put usb stick back into the computer and delete the files on it. Then place the Lv2diag.self (file 2) on the usb stick and put it back in the ps3 in the same usb port.

    Turn the ps3 on and it should turn off after a few seconds. Now you should have a working 3.55CFW on the CFW drive and 4.00 on the OFW drive.

    Connect your flasher again and make another set of dumps from your ps3 flash. Name the valid dump CFW.bin. Keep these in a safe place.

    Now all you need to do to dual boot from here, is flash your 4.00 flash dump (OFW.bin) back to the ps3 and insert the OFW drive for online play etc,

    Then flash the CFW.bin to ps3 and insert the CFW drive to play homebrew etc.

    Enjoy your Dual Boot PS3.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I can confirm this works, I tried it with a 120 gig slim. Thanks

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Team E3 have also confirmed that the E3 flasher works on 4.00 FW via a news update.

    E3 flasher downgrade OFW4.0 to 3.55 successfully, it's same way as downgrade 3.73 to 3.55. We suggest user upgrade to OFW4.0 and then downgrade to 3.55 from now on. And don't forget backup your OFW4.0 bios well.

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    Antmavr Guest
    I tried to install the E3 Flasher in order to downgrade from 3.56 to 3.55 but I think my PS3 (80 GB, FAT) get bricked since my console when is starting is flashing red, green, yellow and red light and afterwards it blinks twice and its flashing red light. Could anybody help me, since I tried to get in contact with E3 Flasher but they never replied.

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    Jahbeed Guest
    You need to update to 3.72ofw before downgrade.

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    MEANDROS187 Guest

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    Apr 2005

    E3 Flasher Supports PS3 Dual-Booting, E3 Move Suit Incoming

    Today the E3DIY Team have announced that the E3 Flasher nows officially supports PS3 dual-booting alongside news of their upcoming E3 Move Suit below, as follows:

    Download: E3 Flasher PS3 Dual-boot Upgrade / E3 TBJB2 CFW Checkoff / E3 TBJB2 CFW Checkoff (Mirror - PASSWORD IS: ILOVEE3) / E3 Flasher Fast Dual-Boot Manual

    Please note if your console can't dual boot, don't upgrade this firmware.

    2012 New Year gift from E3 Team

    1: Fast dual boot is now available. There are no brick risk any more! (Cause the operations are done on E3 onboard NOR instead of PS3 NOR flash)

    All E3 flasher limited and E3 nor flasher can operate this way, click here to download file. We're now producing 1000 more pieces of E3 flasher Limited version for those interested on dual boot.

    2: E3 TBJB2CFW CHECKOFF available , the E3 flasher downgraded console can also works with TBJB2, click here to download file and enjoy new game.

    Please note you still need the TBJB2 device. You can install this CFW on PS3 with recovery MODE or re-downgrade PS3 with this file, instead of STEP1 PS3UPDAT.PUP file.

    3: E3 MOVE SUIT, the first third-party PS3 MOVE controller suite will be released soon, it will be fully compatible with all PS3 fat and slim, there will be many available colors, more comfortable design and more economic price to bring you a better enjoyment. You have a better choice now to add to the original accessories.

    The E3 MOVE SUIT include 4 parts: E3 Navigation Controller, E3 motion controller, E3 Camera, and E3 camera stand.

    [imglink=|E3 Flasher Supports PS3 Dual-Booting, E3 Move Suit Incoming][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    technodon Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Antmavr View Post
    I tried to install the E3 Flasher in order to downgrade from 3.56 to 3.55 but I think my PS3 (80 GB, FAT) get bricked since my console when is starting is flashing red, green, yellow and red light and afterwards it blinks twice and its flashing red light. Could anybody help me, since I tried to get in contact with E3 Flasher but they never replied.
    did you install the flasher correctly, make a backup of the nor chip then attempt a downgrade before you bricked the console?

    No, i downgraded from 3.56 to 3.55 sucessfully

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    elser1 Guest
    thats pretty kool.. i'll have to get get one now for sure.. awesome news!!

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