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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    You should find all the files you need for the E3 flasher on their download page.

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    You don't need a downgrade dongle. You can use different items that are supported. Like a psp, ti 84 plus, or some phones do work.

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    so heyman mate, do you think i should get one, i know you had success with it and i value your advice mate.

    can i use my ps3 break v1.1 dongle for the downgrade.. if i decide to get one of these what is the best one for a slim model cech2502B and a fat cech J02.


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    Well if you want to get one to see how it works you can. The E3 flasher was designed for slim consoles so it's best to use it on one.
    You can also wait for the next E3 flasher though which will have more features (Nand support, dual boot, etc), maybe you can review the new one for us when it's released.

    Anyways it's your choice.

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    i don't have any of those is there any other way?


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    Do you have anything that was used for the jailbreak? Also do you have a smart cell phone?

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    i just bought ps3 a month ago, i have iphone 4 32gb i tried to install openiboot in it but it's not working, i have huwaei 3g modem but i don't think that will work.

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    yeah i'll wait for the new one and try a review then.. cheers mate!!

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    hi, after copying e3_downgrade.bin into ps3 NOR my ps3 is not turning on i have the bios backup what should I do?

    video here

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    E3 NOR Dump Checker v1.0

    Here is another quick update from the E3 team:

    E3 Nor dump checker V1.0 released. It help you check if the backup bios is correct or wrong. We suggest user check the backup bios first before downgrade, it will lower the risk of brick !
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