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    Apr 2005
    Agreed, while things like this are great for developers most end-users won't bother with hardware solutions that involve opening the PS3 and a lot of soldering as it isn't worth risking damaging the console... they will just wait for a more user-friendly solution to come.

    I think the reason the original JailBreak devices were so popular was because they were plug-and-play without opening the PS3 and also at the time Custom Firmware wasn't available either.

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    moja Guest
    I am kind of hoping for a nice solder solution - it's the part of the hobby I really enjoy, and also encourages adding extra ports for stuff.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Ah... but then that's where all the good stuff comes flooding in. Without these tricky hardware setups in the first place we wouldn't move onto software solutions.

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    severusx Guest
    I'm certain it will be a solder solution. If it was USB/Solderless it would have been hacked long ago. This is going to work like Infectus or Progskeet or the old XBOX1 modchips, where the chip responds to the CPU's bootup request for BIOS and and inserts the CFW into the system from its own NOR/NAND instead of the one on the motherboard. That way you can install OFW 3.70 for new games and CFW 3.55 for homebrew. It's a step in the right direction, but still locks us out of all games that are 3.56+ that can't be hacked.

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    Apr 2005

    Video: E3 Flasher PS3 Slim 3.70 Downgrade to 3.55 Firmware

    Following up on the initial news, today the E3 Team have made available a video of their E3 Flasher downgrading a PS3 Slim 3.70 Firmware console to version 3.55 without any soldering required.

    To quote: E3DIY team announces a successful Slim Downgrade v3.70 to v3.55 with our new E3 FLASHER!

    In only FIVE minutes, the whole downgrade progress was completed!

    Time is short and operation is very easy, this is because of our exclusive special E3 FLASHER design:
    • ONE-Button Operation and NOR Flash onboard!
    • E3 FLASHER compatible all NAND FLASH and NOR FLASH consoles
    • With SLIM Consoles, no need for any soldering!
    • But with PHAT Consoles, some soldering will be needed!

    In this video there no images of the E3 FLASHER as we need to keep our design under wraps until it is ready for release, I hope everyone understands.

    The official version should be released next week, at that time there will be more videos and pictures and everything will be available to the public.

    Also below is an E3 Flasher PS3 Dual Boot 3.70 to 3.55 Firmware video and details via e-mail:

    E3 FLASHER - Dual Boot (3.70 to 3.55)
    • E3DIY team success dual boot with E3 FLASHER, you can switch 3.7 and 3.55 in few only a few seconds!
    • Easy with 1 key operation.
    • E3 company will release all details like picture, installation, operation and price next week.
    • Team E3DIY get another great progress for PS3 with E3 FLASHER, it will release at the same time next week.

    PS: 4times switch showes same MAC address, to prove it is the same console.

    Finally, from damox, to quote on PS3 3.70 to 3.55 Firmware downgrading via Dospiedra's downgrade v2 patches:

    This post will look at the different DATE-CODES that are present on the casing of a PS3 and if that DATE-CODE relates to a console version that can currently be downgraded from 3.70 to 3.55 using dospiedra’s V2 downgrade or a FAT console alternative.


    The principle behind DATE-CODES is simple: the first character represent the YEAR, and the second character represents the QUARTER of that year it that console was manufactured.

    DATE-CODE of “XY” would mean the console was manufactured in the “Y” QUARTER of YEAR “X”. Simple right?

    6A - Downgradable (Never Produced?)
    6B - Downgradable (Never Produced?)
    6C - Downgradable (Never Produced?)
    6D - Downgradable
    7A - Downgradable
    7B - Downgradable
    7C - Downgradable
    7D - Downgradable
    8A - Downgradable
    8B - Downgradable
    8C - Downgradable
    8D - Downgradable
    9A - Downgradable
    9B - Downgradable
    9C - Downgradable (Slim Introduction?)
    9D - Downgradable
    0A - Downgradable
    0B - Downgradable
    0C - Downgradable
    0D - Downgradable
    1A - Downgradable (Factory Firmware 3.55 and lower only!)
    1B - NOT Downgradable
    1C - NOT Downgradable (Not out yet?)
    1D - NOT Downgradable (Not out yet?)

    The Date code can be found in the following locations (depending on your console type):

    PS3 FAT: Sticker on the back.
    PS3 Slim (CECH2 Series): Sticker on the bottom.
    PS3 Slim (CECH3 Series): Sticker on the back.

    UPDATE 1: I have been told that only consoles that come with firmware 3.55 and lower from factory are the only consoles that the downgrade should be attempted with.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    Progress is happening fast. Can't wait to see more pictures and videos!

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    Ezio Guest
    Fantastic! I want to buy it, especially if it also allows the dualboot.

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    elser1 Guest
    very kool.. i hope sony cannot stop this device being used somehow with a future fw update in the next few weeks.. LOL

    ima buy 1 on release just to test out!!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Tell us how it goes, I'm also really interested in this.

  10. #20
    elser1 Guest
    yeah i will for sure mate.. this will be great if it works easily..

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