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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    Serton Guest
    Hi everyone I'm new here and basically new to the "ps3 world". I'm about to get a new ps3 next week and it probably comes out with 3.7 firmware, so I'd like to know if through this device I can downgrade it to 3.5 without soldering anything. Thanks in advance.

    (I've tried looking for info myself but I couldn't get the correct and 100% answer)

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yes you can downgrade without soldering anything using the E3 you'll still need to open up your PS3.

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    Serton Guest
    Thanks for the quick reply, also opening it means losing my two-years warranty or am I wrong?

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    Natepig Guest
    Any word on the slim tutorial?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Serton View Post
    Thanks for the quick reply, also opening it means losing my two-years warranty or am I wrong?
    Yes you'll lose your warrenty.

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    Robert Vuitton Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Serton View Post
    Thanks for the quick reply, also opening it means losing my two-years warranty or am I wrong?
    Nothing to worry about mate, there's a anti voiding removal method made by gilksy in youtube.

    It shows you how to remove the warranty label, so that it can be reused without "Sony knowing you've been inside the console". You should try it out. I did this method two years ago before opening my PS3 console after it stopped reading my games lol.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Well my install didn't go very well. I thought i installed it right. However the clip is really loose on mine and it will not do anything. I have tried to place it on there just right about five times and nothing. I have also tried to do with the ps3 taken apart and everything hooked up to it.

    I have contacted the place that i got it at and seen if they could help. I also contacted e3 and seen what they can do. I will wait and see what they have to say and post back. Sorry can't make a guide without it working. Thanks

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well thanks for the update racer0018, it was also very hard getting the clip to stay on when I installed it. Hopefully the E3 team will do a better job next time on their flasher.

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    sindymendler Guest
    i don't know where they are

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    racer0018 Guest
    From the first time I installed it, the clip was really loose. I have been reading that there has been alot reports like this. I have been doing some think about maybe traces the softboard and seeing where to wires go on the ps3 and using the soldering gun to put it on. Thanks

    I got the clip to work on the ps3. I used a little pick and bent out the pins in the clip and got it work.

    OK for the guide.

    What is needed is the tools to take the ps3 apart.

    A downgrade dongle, this could be the e3 reader, psdowngrade, etc...
    • E3 flasher
    • MicroSD card

    First you install the e3 flasher following the guide that is on the e3-tech website. Now I found this out by messing around with the e3 flasher that it will not backup the firmware on 3.56. I had to update to 3.72 to get it work.

    After you get the e3 installed, make a backup using it. Install the microSD card into the proper spot on the e3 flasher front part. By having the switches, ps3 mode, ofw, microsd, ps3 flash, lock, in the down postion. Have the backup switch in the up postion. After the ps3 is booted up in the xmb, hit the start button. Wait for all the led lights to light up from 1 to 8. Once that one is done, take out the microSD card and read it in a computer and save the backup in a place safe in case you ever need it. OK now for the back up. All the files that you will need is in this thread.

    OK the first step is to download the file e3_downgrade.bin from the website. Copy it into the root of the microSD card. Set the switches for the e3 with all down except unlock. Then bootup the ps3 and wait for it to get into xmb. Once it gets there, press the start key on the e3 board and wait for all the lights to come on 1-2-3-etc... into all 8 are lite. From there restart the ps3.

    The system will tell you to plug in the joystick. Do not do nothing else at this time. Just unplug the ps3 and wait for the next step.
    Plug in the downgrade doggle that you have ready into the near usb port to the blu-ray player. Press the power button and the eject buton right away to reach the factory mode. The ps3 will turn off after a while.

    Next copy the files from the Enter and exit factory service mode file v1.2, there are two steps in this download. You need the one in the first step. There should be a Lv2diag.self and PS3UPDAT.PUP to the root directory of an usb drive with nothing on it. Plug the flash stick into the usb port closest to the blu-ray drive. Turn on the ps3 and this should take about 4 mins to install everything again.

    Now put the usb file back into the computer and erase all the files from the usb. Go into the file that you downloaded and put the step 2 files onto the usb drive. From here plug the usb drive into the 2nd port the one closest to the blu-ray drive. Now turn on the ps3 and wait for it to get done. It will turn off by itself. Once it is done pull out the usb drive and turn on the ps3 and then you will have downgraded the ps3 and you are ready to go.

    So I went a little more into to see what the e3flasher was made out of. I went ahead and bricked the ps3 to see if the backup that I made would work. I followed the guide that they have posted by soldering the wire that they told me to from the ps3 mainboard to the e3flasher. Set all switches to down put the fun flash one like it said and hit restore. Waited for the porgess to stop. Once it did I went ahead and turned on the ps3 and nothing happened. It is now stuck with a black screen. I still have the dump off the e3 flasher.

    SO now I will be looking for a mod with a proskeet that you would be willing to help me finish what I started. I have sold my proskeet for reasons of helping out a friend and money is a little low because of my mother being in the hopsital and being by her for a while. But if there is a mod that would be will help pm me and we can see if the read is any good and if someone could figure this out. Thanks all for reading.

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