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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have gotten mine in the mail. Again I have to leave for the weekend, mother is having surgrey and have to be there. I am hoping to get some pictures up of what comes in the box before I leave. And then have more pictures as well as a review whe. I get home on Sunday and get installed. Thanks

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    Divinehand Guest
    I'm still unsure if i should buy it because I don't even know how to open my console and i have fear of brick it.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Opening the console is not a hard procedure, but if you're too careless you could easily break something. It's best to do everything slowly and watch a couple videos on youtube on how to open up the PS3.

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    HeyManHRU Guest

    E3 Flasher for NOR Fat PlayStation 3 Console is Reviewed

    I received my E3 Flasher a couple of hours ago from and here is my review.


    The E3 flasher comes in a nice big box, it's actually bigger than I expected it to be and it contains 3 inner boxes.

    The first box contains all the important stuff like the Nor flasher, main board and the cover board which connects to the pins on the main board.

    The second box contains all the accessories and cables like the Esata USB cable which is not used with the E3 flasher at all and is probably for use with the PC or something like that it also contains the Esata cable which is used with the E3 flasher and the power adapter which didn't fit in my power socket because it wasn't the right shape (different region), so I had to go of and buy a power adapter converter thing so the Esata station will work.

    For the accessories they included a power switch for PS3 slim users and a metal case for the main board to sit in where the HDD usually sits but a screw driver wasn't included like they mentioned.

    The third box contains the Esata station and it is the biggest and heaviest box out of the three.


    I installed the E3 flasher a NOR fat PS3 (after I fixed a broken Blu-ray drive and the YLOD on it), I'll install it on a slim PS3 in a few days and tell you how it compared to installing it on the Fat PS3.

    Installing the NOR flasher clip on the PS3 is the easy part, it fits on but not too well so I decided to add some sticky tape to it to hold it on so it won't break off. But then I had to find a way to connect the NOR flasher to the main board (which sat where the HDD usually is) without breaking it, I did this by slightly twisting the NOR flasher and connecting it to the main board making it look a bit like a ribbon, this way I won't damage it.

    After all that I closed my PS3 like I normally would and I was done. It would have been nice if they added a guide on how to install it on a FAT PS3 the same way they had a guide on how to install for the Slim PS3 but they still added some pictures as a guide (which I have attached) so that still helped a little bit.


    Before I did this I had to upgrade my PS3 to 3.73 FW so it will work. Downgrading using the E3 flasher was by far the most confusing thing I've ever done with my PS3, first of all I needed to add some files (e3_downgrade.bin and update.bin) to a Micro SD card which they hadn't included. So I had to use my Micro SD card from my Nokia N97.

    After following some more steps I had to put some more files onto a flash drive (UPDAT.PUP and Lv2diag.self) and then follow some more steps to downgrade (I won't go in depth because there are too many steps to mention).

    I successfully downgraded my 3.73 PS3 after a very long and confusing procedure and then I installed multiMAN on it, mutliMAN and the games ran normally on it.


    I give the E3 flasher a 7/10

    + Easy to install.
    + Good packaging.
    + Smart Design.

    - Confusing guides with bad English making it very confusing, would've been nice if the guides were in better English or better yet if they made a video. (Download the downgrade guide to see what I mean)
    - No Micro SD included.

    If you can find this product for around $50 and want to downgrade I suggest you buy it, hopefully there will be more guides on how to use the E3 flasher so more people like me won't be so confused.

    Below are the pictures of the product, the ones with E3-tech on it are from the guide on how to install it on a fat PS3 and the rest are my pictures. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of me installing it on the motherboard (I kind of forgot), I will next time I install it on my PS3 slim.

    Also big thanks to, I got my E3 flasher shipped to me from Hong Kong to Australia within 4 days which was actually pretty fast.

    [imglink=|E3 Flasher for NOR Fat PlayStation 3 Console is Reviewed][/imglink]
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    racer0018 Guest
    It is all about taking your time. I have taken pictures of things before so when I put them back together to check everything. Also on the e3 website they have a guide with pictures on it. That should help. I just wish they would of kept it so you had to solder. I don't like clips cause sometimes they are hard to get on the chip correct.

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    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted your review to our main page and +Rep for sharing it here HeyManHRU!

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    elser1 Guest
    good review mate..+ rep you if i can..

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    damox Guest
    Maybe you could also try and explain what else the E3 flasher does.
    • Can you read the NOR and save an image to the external drive / Micro SD card (or other?).
    • Can you flash any NOR image you want to the PS3.
    • Can you use Rogero's CFW (Downgrade Special)
    • The E3 flasher has 16MB NOR on board, can you read it with the E3 flasher (in-flash-tion)
    • Can it read/write NAND?

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    Natepig Guest
    Great review, I look forward to your slim tutorial and I'll use it if I ever get a flasher.

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    scottycondr Guest
    great review. think I will use this on mine

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