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    Quote Originally Posted by lucasdanda View Post
    I have a Slim PS3 160gb NOR that came already with 3.66 OFW from the store. Will I be able to downgrade it to 3.55? Thank you!
    Here is a list of the PS3 slim models and the base firmware it comes with (like NTA mentioned). .

    120GB SLIM CECH2004A 2.70 (Base FW)
    120GB SLIM CECH2001A 2.70 (Base FW)
    250GB SLIM CECH2004B 2.70 (Base FW)
    320GB SLIM CECH2504B 3.40 (Base FW) CECH2504 PS3s that come with the data code 1B (and higher) cannot be downgraded

    here (http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...k-downgrading/) is why.

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    It's getting closer. Can't wait to see it in the mail box. I will be posting pictures when it comes. Thanks

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    Please do, I don't whether I should get mine yet or wait until 3.75 FW is released and see if it still works on it.

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    Arrow E3 Flasher PS3 NOR Package Ships on October 10, 2011

    Here is a brief update from E3-Tech: E3 Flasher Limited package publicized, it contain 3 inner boxes, total 11 parts. And the shipping date should be arround 10th Oct because of China's National Day Holiday delay.

    We noticed most users are afraid of soldering wire, so we cancel NAND flash support on limited version, and will release a new e3 flasher specially for nand flash console with nand flash clip.

    So for nand flash console user, please wait the new e3 flasher, should release in few weeks.

    PS: All e3 flasher limited version include nor flash clip, you need NO solder on those nor flash console with downgrade function.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    e3-flasher-on-board-s.jpg   full-set-s.jpg   full-sets-with-e3-esata-sta.jpg   parts-picture.jpg   working-status-ss.jpg  

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    This is definitely good news for for NAND PS3 owners. I just think they should make a video tutorial on how to install this on both the fat and slim PS3s do people can get an idea on how difficult or easy it is.

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    I have three of them for three different models of the ps3. I have a 60 gig, 120 gig and a 320 gig that are going to get the chips installed in them. I love to solder so i am not sure if i will use the clip that comes with them. Well can't use it anyway with the 60 gig. BUt i will be posting alot of pictures and some guides with pictures as soon as i get it.

    Thanks and i hope that this will help many others. I also have a proskeet installed if someone needs to know how to do that. I always look for something to do with 23 ps3's some broke and some are just used for parts. Thanks

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    it's good, but, 3.40 is the end ? this is for now, next year, maybe them create a new version more powerful of E3.

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    Is there a release date for the NAND clip version yet?

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    This is what it says on the website:

    We will release a new version E3 FLASHER specially for NAND FLASH console in few weeks, it help you downgrade and dual boot easier with NAND FLASH CLIP.

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    Downgrade 3.72 to 3.55. They claim there are only 3000 pcs, but that is likely a marketing gimmick.


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