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Thread: DRLTools DRLGen v0.90 - Easy PS3 Blu-ray Playback Fix Arrives

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    and how exactly would renting a movie I own help? I have no PC blu ray drive, and ps3 blocks access to the part of the blu ray disc which holds the info I needed to fix them. My phat still won't play them. I have yellow dog linux for ps3 but heard that wont help.

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    dyceast Guest
    Is there anyway to fix this, WITHOUT a blue-ray drive via PC?

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    AndyFL Guest
    where can the files be found online for those that don't have bluray drives?

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    MFR Guest

    Playback Restored.

    This worked perfect for me. The DLRís didnít work from the last BR movie played. I used the DRLgen tool and pulled the DLRís from every BR movie I have. Turned out the highest one I had was A Christmas Carol MKB version 18. Used the Copy tool and Blue Ray playback is restored. My PS3 was made February 2007, 80GB with the Emotion Engine chip.

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    Innocent Guest

    How I fixed mine !!

    Fellow Downgraders, I used:

    - A Downgraded PS-3 60GB Release Console PAL (CECHC04) with botched BD support
    - Windows 7 Machine with BD-Player
    - DRLGen v0.90 installed on said machine above
    - DRLcopy v0.90 installed on PS3
    - USB Memory (to make DRLGen work)
    - All my BDs (Since I don't remember what disc was played in what PS3)


    - Ran DRLGen on ALL my BDs to identify MKB version
    - Marked and Placed them in order highest to lowest MKB
    - After identifying the highest MKB ran that and it ended up on the USB
    -MKB 14 on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    - Ran DRLcopy on PS3 with MKB extracted from BD above
    - However this didn't work (I guess I never played that BD in that console)

    - Moved down the list of MKB with DRLgen this time
    -MKB 12 on Body of Lies was extracted to USB

    - Ran DRLcopy with MKB extracted from BD
    -MKB 12 on Body of Lies was extracted to USB

    This time BINGO... I guess that BD had been played on that console and full support for bluray is now restored.

    I then as a precaution ran the highest MKB BD in my collection on all PS3 consoles to make sure that I know what BD to use next time I forget to backup the Flash before downgrading.

    I only had to try 2 times so I guess I was lucky and like someone write what about if you try too many times.. will something happen ?? I don't know... just thought I'd share my success story.

    Thank You and good luck.

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    elser1 Guest
    i have never ran a bd movie on my ps3..does this matter.. should i rent a new release and do it and record the mkb bd for future use what.. the thought of no bd playback even though i'll probably never use it stops me from downgrading and upgrading also so i don't need to downgrade.. LOL

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    zela15 Guest
    People i need help with my ps3, i have never ran a bdmovie on my ps3, and i do it a downgrade and my bdplayer don't work now, can i fix this with a drltool??

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    tulla2010 Guest
    yea same for me i downgraded, lost blu-ray playback but had never played a blu-ray before downgrading, so whats the best way to recover playback if never played blu-ray?

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