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    Registered User MrCandydance's Avatar
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    Question Download PS3 SDK and Tools

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    What is this?


    Software Development Kit, i know, but...

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    That appears to be just another "archive" of the old PS3 SDK leak from a few years back... the one that originated here: thepiratebay.org/torrent/4293607/PS3_SDK_KIT_1.6

    It's incomplete (missing compiler, etc) so basically old and not much use unfortunately.

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    Aha! Wished it could be something a little more interesting

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    If you are on the hunt for some "interesting" PS3 $DK files though, try digging these up which originally leaked from French site PS3Gen.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    What would that be? Some kind of Visual Studio, but for PS3 development?

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    Basically just files extracted from a leaked 3.10 $DK.

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    hi, this is my first post in forum.. the $DK files are recent leaked?

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    1.5 years ago documentation for 2.30 was on eMule. Any hint how to get files from that picture? Unfortunatly searching on that french site is pain, 'cause I don't speak french.

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    Yea, the 2.30 doc leak (160MB) was mentioned back in January 2009 HERE and there was also a 192_sdk_full.rar (643MB) which contains PS3_SDK-192_001-Installer_1.0.MSI back then too mentioned HERE.

    As it says in the latter link above, the compiler and the required dtnetm file (which links the Debug and PC) is missing from the leaks prior to 1.92.

    I can't read French either though, but I have a feeling the only way to find the 3.10 leak there now would be through someone who knows someone else with the files, etc. As far as I'm aware, it actually leaked back in like November (possibly even as early as October) of last year.

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    I hope someone get the $DK files and share


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