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  1. #81
    febag92 Guest
    Finally, I was looking all over the internet for this. Hopefully I will be able to put my homebrew ideas going. Oh my god, so many ideas.

    Getting it at the Pirate Bay


  2. #82
    Bulldogzz Guest
    What exactly is the ProdDG file?

  3. #83
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Just look for file named PS3_SDKDoc_e.rar

  4. #84
    pasky Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tripellex View Post
    Wasn't ProDG included in one of the earlier releases? I doubt it's changed much, may be able to use an earlier version.
    It's not in the 1.60 release which is the only other release I have. Gonna have to look for this I guess. =/

  5. #85
    peshkohacka Guest
    Be grateful that even this was released, plus why do you need this one. The released SDK is enough to write a decent homebrew application and even more. Its not like you are developing a game. Plus the good stuff will always remain hidden from the users. For example the LVL2 dumper app was written with much newer SDK - 2.7.

  6. #86
    farenheit Guest
    The full Playstation 3 SDK 1.92 has just hit the newsgroups also. Too late.. Looks like it has already been posted.

    Tough love sony

  7. #87
    sdk Guest
    Ok, I solved my problem

    Looks like there are two version of this SDK (or someone did something to one of them). On FuxSony there is no problem with compiling, on the other one I couldn't compile simple testapp.

  8. #88
    Diverge Guest
    are the versions on usenet missing the .msi installer? cause I have downloaded 2 versions from usenet, and neither has a installer that i can find.

    If anyone can clear things up for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

  9. #89
    Luckluka Guest
    Do you want the 1.92 SDK Full from any site?

    Then just google "fuxsony", choose a result of your choice and download!

  10. #90
    Mobutu16 Guest
    ...or look for:


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