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    1.92 was just released on a private tracker. Shouldn't be long before it shows up in other places.

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    It's on rapidshare etc as well. It's gone viral!

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    Get it while it's hot: (667.2MB) (Rename .avi to .rar, Password: 1ebc4cce7fca2d7b433c0ee7a1cd1246)

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    I already have 1.92, that was my dream! Full PS3 SDK with all the documentation etc. It's really cool. And my question is, can hacked retail unit be used as PS3 dev/debug kit using with this SDK? Will it be possible in future?

    So will we able to make our own games using leaked SDK and retail hardware unit?

    Of course I know that there's no extra memory in retail unit etc.

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    This is amazing, over the last month, Sony have just got owned left, right and center!

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    Guys this thread is only for SDK leak links info- not for help, questions, etc.

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    Seems the 1.92 release doesn't include ProdG. =/

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    I wish they had the PAMF Tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasky View Post
    Seems the 1.92 release doesn't include ProdG. =/
    Wasn't ProDG included in one of the earlier releases? I doubt it's changed much, may be able to use an earlier version.

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