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    Quote Originally Posted by ConsoleDev View Post
    Just an another release..

    PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.70:
    Thank you for sharing ConsoleDev.

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    Another Retail Firmware, another Debug Firmware

    PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.72

    Just a little note: This Update seems different from others, is only 10 MB (compressed)

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    Looks like they are doing patch updates similar to what is done for Retail Firmware eh?

    3.72 Patch for example:

    +Rep for the news ConsoleDev!

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    Thanks again, ConsoleDev!

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    Someone told to me that the Debug FW I posted is corrupt/fake.

    Someone who owns a PS3 Debug / Test can let me know if this fw works or not?

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    I heard the same thing, see here for the details:

    As you said though, if anyone with a Debug can actually confirm it would help... perhaps there aren't many Debug users any more.

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    I'm still not so sure about this (-.-)

    But in other hand, I'm kinda curious (^.^)

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    Service Tools for PS2 and PSP

    Unreleased and useless stuff, just for collectors:

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    Service tools for PS2 and PSP. Thanks ConsoleDev!

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