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    I might as well add the link to the 3.55 debug firmware (I've tested this on one of my Test/Debug Units and it indeed does work.). This isn't my link so I don't deserve the credit.

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    Thanks above for your upload, +Rep to you.

    I read in your previous posts you have or had a debug unit from day one, so I take it you have tried and tested this firmware?
    I have played with rebug on 3.55 but not the odbfw, do you know what the differences are between the two?


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    nice work!

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    I apologize for my behavior, I recognize that these updates are important to developers, but I was not sure whether or not release them publicly. This might bother some people, but I do not care.

    PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.56:

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    In short a debug unit is for testing/debugging unreleased games. ODBFW will allow you to play retail discs, but they will now allow you to decrypt retail PSN pkg files. The store for the debug isn't user friendly at all. In fact you will have lots of trouble finding debug PSN software.

    Debug Firmware will allow you to shut off HDCP and allows downgrading. Rebug will not that I'm aware of. These are the only real advantages a debug has at the moment over rebug.

    Debug Firmware allows you to debug software using ProDG. Also an advantage over rebug assuming you know how to debug. Debug Firmware doesn't allow backup managers to work but you can use the official BDEMU if you have the software and you are limited to 4 disc images with the official software instead of the unlimited by the backup manager.

    Debug Firmware doesn't allow Blu-Ray movie playback. Rebug obviously does.

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    Thank you above but i was asking:
    Quote Originally Posted by daveshooter View Post
    what differences are between the two?

    Not what a rebug or debug unit was but thanks anyway

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    I also decided to release the PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.60.

    PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.60:

    Before anyone asks, no, unfortunately I have not (currently) newer Debug Updates.

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    I do have a ps3 stuck in an update loop on 3.60 that i was sending back for a free replace. So i may just have a look at this and try something before I do.

    Thanks young man above. +rep to ya

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    No problem

    Beware from PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.65 that is floating becuase some users report it as fake. Is not the Debug Update but is the 3.65 Retail Firmware.

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    Thanks bud. I did read that the Sony update 3.55 is a 3.56 on their site, but not looked myself.

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