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    ConsoleDev Guest
    It is obvious that it is different because it's a Debug Update not Retail Update and also if you make the calculation of MD5 obtain different values between the two updates

  2. #252
    daveshooter Guest
    Sorry bud maybe I didn't explain. I know the md5 is not the same as there two different files, I meant the files within the pup are different in a number of ways, nothing to do with md5.

    I ask you to md5 the files you uploaded so I am 100% sure we are working with the same files. After I decompile the pups I am using other apps to compare the 3.50 pups not md5.

    Sorry Friend.

  3. #253
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Sorry maybe this is due to my poor knowledge of english. I did not understand exactly what you're trying to compare.

    I can assure you that the update file comes from an official source, I have only limited to create an .rar archive.

  4. #254
    daveshooter Guest

    Big Grin

    Thats cool my Italian friend, i understand how I can be misleading.

    OK download the attachment I have added. then rename the file md5.nfo to md5.exe

    then run md5.exe and click on the " Create an MD5 checksum".

    Then a window will pop up asking for the file you wish to create a code for. choose your 3.55 debug firmware, and then it will give you a md5 code. then upload the 3.55 debug firmware. Then tell me where it is and paste the md5 code you created on here.

    Thanks Bud.

    MD5 code for MD5.nfo and MD5.exe, same code E5A1A4A431C25A1D8B2428066487FC45

  5. #255
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Unfortunately actually i don't own the other Debug Updates but i think that is only a matter of time

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Although nothing new to most PS3 hackers, the LulzSec group have leaked the source code for the Sony developer network today via their Twitter for those interested: http://www.mediafire.com/?ev1zo010c020764 (55MB)

  7. #257
    daveshooter Guest
    Sorry ConsoleDev, I thought you said you had the 3.50, 3.55 and the 3.56 debug firmware.

    Thanks for that Boss, no I didn't know. Maybe I should became a hacker and keep up. lol Thanks.

    INSTALL.txt Quick Install instructions
    1) Create a data directory. This directory will store files related to the site
    like cache files, logs, uploads, etc. The webserver user must be able to
    read/write this directory.
    2) Set permissions on all the files in this directory so that the webserver can
    read the files.
    3) Copy 'config/default.conf-dist' to 'config/<web server domain name>.conf'. Edit
    this file and fill in the following parameters at a minimum:
    dsn = pgsql://<postgres user name>:<postgres password>at<postgres host>/<database name>
    [Note: The database doesn't have to exist yet]
    directory = /path/to/data/directory
    basename = <web server domain name>
    4) Configure the webserver so that you can hit the /install directory and the /doc_root
    directory. Make sure the webserver is set up so that .htaccess files are allowed.
    5) In your web browser, hit '/install/index.php' to begin the rest of the setup process.
    This maybe worth looking into, there's lots of free hosts with free databases out there.

  8. #258
    ConsoleDev Guest
    No you're wrong, I said: "I think I found the Debug Firmware 3.50 / 3.60 and 3.55 But I have no way to test".

    I will not fill up unnecessarily the discussion of my comments. When I get the chance, will release publicly the other Debug Updates

    Thanks for the news Boss, this could also mean a complete intrusion into the site with a release of files on it?

  9. #259
    daveshooter Guest
    I see you found them but you don't have them? so you can't upload for me to test them for you like I thought you wanted?
    I think I understand.

  10. #260
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Since the mediafire link is no longer working I have reuploaded the scedev.rar archive: http://www.multiupload.com/GUG8H6LA5E

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