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  1. #221
    ConsoleDev Guest
    This is a proof that show that the PhyreEngine was really leaked "somewhere"

  2. #222
    barrybarryk Guest
    its been floating round the net for nearly 2 years lol

  3. #223
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    its been floating round the net for nearly 2 years lol
    I know but no-one leaked it on pubblic or make a screenshot.

  4. #224
    daveshooter Guest
    Its something thats not meant to be had. I don't have it. This popped up>> "Are you trying to download phyre engine? It can be dangerous and cause a copyright infringement notice, so you might be prosecuted" I think its more a case you will be prosecuted.

    I have removed that SDK I had, because I didn't think of some of the implications at the time of having a copy on my PC. Because of how long it had been around, I never gave it a great thought, and when others showed a lot of interest in having a copy from me I soon realized its not in the public domain like I thought it was, and decided its not something I want on my home PC if its that hot.

    Now is the wrong time in my life to start scanning the net to try a use something that is allegedly illegal and getting people dragged through the courts.

  5. #225
    laker Guest
    It seems that some people have this engine. Maybe I have a private talk with them about this.

  6. #226
    Harko Guest
    I am interested in these programs:

    PS3_Generator-152.zip Disc Image Generator
    PS3_Checker-152.zip Disc Image Checker

    Are included in the Sony PS3 SDK 1.92?

    If not, where download it?

  7. #227
    haze67 Guest


    is already shared in this post by Consoledev, v1.52 is obsolete right.

  8. #228
    laker Guest
    See page 17, ConsoleDev shared ps3 generator tools 2.50.

  9. #229
    Harko Guest
    very thanks haze76 and laker.

  10. #230
    Harko Guest
    I have used the Disc Image Generator 2.5 and I created a ISO, I recorded it, but my PS3 tells me it's a data disc no game disc... It is impossible to create a backup of a game for the PS3 to use Blu-ray player and not the HDD?

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