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    Thanks for sharing. I hope that more people can share their stuff.

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    I have just managed to get my hands on xxx_SxK-192_001-Inxtaller_1.0.MxI, and was wondering if anyone has had chance to play with it yet? I would hate to wast my time if its not working, thanks.

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    I have not had the chance to play with it yet, but I really wanted to do because I need to figure what is the difference in terms of files that it installs between this and the current 1.92 sdk, if you could share a link thank you.

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    If you want share is really appreciated

    Is a bit old but is always interesting..

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    Sorry bud I am unable to give you a link because I found it on a ftp site, and I would hate to get that site flagged up and shut down.

    You will find it on ftp sites, because Anonymous was very thorough theres sdk droppings all over the place. Just find some public ftp sites/ or not so public, then scan using your ftp client for text files by ANONYMOUS to start with, or scan for ppc in some of the linux ftp sites and see what comes up. Hope this helps.

    Ps.. Here is a ftp site, some can try in their Filezilla, or web browser, that has ps3 linux distro's from when the dev's ware working had to get linux on the ps3, before other os was removed. loads of stuff here>

    Quote Originally Posted by ConsoleDev View Post
    If you want share is really appreciated

    Is a bit old but is always interesting..
    I'm just putting something together for you now kid, So impress the hell out of me and others, and be another inspiring teenager and create home wicked Homebrew for use, Good luck dude..

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    here is the file 700 megs

    MD5 6BDC6FB21F16343698193AB437EB8BAC

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    This isn't the PS3_SDK-192_001-Installer_1.0.MSI installer, is the FuxSony Release + PRODG 3.10 that are already leaked some times ago, but thanks anyways

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    Um, I'm a bit confused. I know I had the PS3_SDK-192_001-Installer_1.0.MSI installer, I thought that was I uploaded, I'm looking now.

    Ok, I don't know why its not with the MSI but have a look at the PS3 Setup Guide for Windows Users - Quick Reference Guide, install it in windows that way.

    The development software runs on a PC and consists of the following parts:

    1. PS3 SDK (libraries, samples, firmware update, and command line tools)
    2. PS3 SDK documentation and Hardware documentation
    3. PS3 Toolchain (compilers, command line GDB debugger)
    4. MinGW runtime environment (in order to run PS3 command line tools)
    5. A GUI Debugger (SN ProDG or Eclipse)
    6. Additional libraries and tools (e.g. Disc burning, Profiling tools, Graphics libs, etc)

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    I think the msi installer helps you copying files into directory and set environment variables. You can do it manually.

    P.S. Anyone can give me a hint where I can find PhyreEngine?

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    PhyreEngine maybe in some news group somewhere, I'm only guessing tho.

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