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  1. #191
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    All links dead for me.

  2. #192
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Sony Press Information WebSite

    Username: SCEA
    Password: SC3APR

  3. #193
    The1Hero Guest
    ConsoleDev did you find ObjectiveSuites yet?

  4. #194
    boboandu2 Guest
    i went to this web site and you can not download it. it has been taken off the their site.

    this password and log in is not correct.

  5. #195
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Check again, i can assure you that the Username and the Password are correct. Look:

  6. #196
    DeViL303 Guest
    Shouldn't it only show "PASS" message when successfully connected to PS3 ? Or did I read the manual wrong?

    As far as I can see from the PDF manual it Shouldnt show any pass or fail message until PS3 is "seen" by the app. When no PS3 is attached it shouldnt show either message.

    Maybe that's wrong but seems fake because no "1" in ok entry, and error + pass message at same time.

  7. #197
    DeViL303 Guest
    Also if we move the info/about screen to right a little we can see this server auth error message.

  8. #198
    The1Hero Guest
    Can someone upload ObjectiveSuites, would like to check a few things and possiably write an open source for the program.

  9. #199
    ConsoleDev Guest
    This version of ObjectiveSuites is the 2007 leak that is incomplete and not useful for your project.

    If you want really make an open source version you need a full ObjectiveSuites version that must include all .SIGs modules and DEX/CEX exe's.

  10. #200
    DeViL303 Guest
    I see the version in your pic is a newer one?! have you found it or only pics?

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