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  1. #181
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Unfortunately FuxSony 1.92 SDK release haven't .msi installer

    If you need newer PS3 SDK some times ago PS3 SDK 3.41 (not full) was leaked, check here:


    I hope that can be useful for you.

  2. #182
    ConsoleDev Guest
    My friend send me this picture when talk to another person, maybe can useful for find the full PS3 SDK 2.70

  3. #183
    deank Guest
    I'd LOVE to get this PS3_SDKDoc-270_01-CHM-English.rar!

  4. #184
    ConsoleDev Guest
    The full SDK also contain a lot of unknown stuff such as Playstation3 edge and PAMF/AT3 Tools.

  5. #185
    laker Guest
    The full SDK contains PhyreEngine?

  6. #186
    Luckluka Guest
    Just a teaser Don't expect any leaks!

    Contact me with a valid reason, and I might be able to share it with you

  7. #187
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Sorry but this screenshot appear a bit fake for me.

    I have 2 question:

    - Why if the authentication is successfully passed you get an error numer (e-number)?
    - Why you get e-number -20007 that correspond to e-content (error content) to No production record of returned PS3 in Server if you want only pass the CheckWwcsAuthentication process (-20007 appear only on EntryRepairInfo_Flash process)?

  8. #188
    laker Guest
    I also have a question. If the test is passed, why the OK is 0, not a 1?

  9. #189
    Luckluka Guest
    First, response was faked, so it passes the test, BUT it can't continue loading anything because the .sig's are missing which can be found on PS3Dev site.

    As to laker's question: I truly have NO IDEA why that shows.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    These were from the recent Gawker leak if anyone is bored and wants to check them out (assuming they still work) although they likely just contain press materials such as pics versus anything useful/dev-related.

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