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    Quote Originally Posted by jtanner View Post
    Ditto! (FuxSony release) - haven't found Sony.PS3.SDK.v1.92-UNiQUE yet.

    Appears the MSI is missing from all - & i can't find the previously mentioned 192_full_sdk.rar either
    Took me a while but I found some good working links for Sony.PS3.SDK.v1.92-UNiQUE. Links are also interchangeable. Enjoy!

    Sony PS3 SDK v1.92-UNiQUE | 649.82 MB

    1) Unpack and install.
    2) Enjoy this release!

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    Hi, this is a xml module from ObjectiveSuites. Please if someone have ObjectiveSuites post here!

    For those interested this is a screenshot of ObjectiveSuites.
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    Attached Files Attached Files

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    This is an another screenshot of ObjectiveSuites

    Maybe this one can be more helpful
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    Can someone told me what is ObjectiveSuites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laker View Post
    Can someone told me what is ObjectiveSuites?
    Hi, ObjectiveSuites is a program used by Sony on Repair centre to repair bricked PS3 equipped with a Jig

    For more detailed info if you want look the pdf located here:

    Sorry for my english

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    psxlibre I can't extract it.. post the password pls.

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    For those interested i can give access to SCEA Press Information Website (but there aren't real useful things...)

    For some obvious reasons i can't communicate here, if someone is interested can contact me on my Profile.

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    I have downloaded the FUXSony PS3 SDK 1.92, the day it was publicly available on the net. Today I ran a antivirus software (G Data Antivirus) over my system and the scanner said, that the "unfself.exe" file from the \usr\local\cell\host-win32\bin directory is infected with Malware-gen(Engine-B).

    Maybe you guys using the same SDK Version might wanna check it too...


    Please report here...

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    For those interested, i am able to found other ObjectiveSuites/ Jig's related files:

    If possible please someone post 1.50 PS3 Debug Firmware on PS3News.

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