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Thread: DoPSBox - DOSBox PS3 Emulator in Development by Robo Hobo

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    sharp30 Guest


    has anyone been having problems with keyboard, i cannot mount c because of this ~

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    lordfenixnc Guest
    I would also like to know if anyone has tried to boot XP... there are a few games i would love to attempt to play LMAO.

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    WinDos3.1 Beta 2 for PS3 Firmware 3.41, OpenCP and 8Bit MIDIer v1

    Another update by samson of WinDos 3.1 Beta 2, and it now works on PS3 Firmware 3.41.

    Download: WinDos 3.1 Beta 2 3.41 PKG / WinDos 3.1 Beta 2 3.55 PKG / WinDos 3.1 Final 3.41 PKG / WinDos 3.1 Final 3.55 PKG / WinDos Final 3.55.pkg (Mirror) / WinDos Final 4.21+.pkg (Mirror)

    To quote: updated it a bit start menu set up , new advanced taskman in tray and all slimmed down to 132mb turned the startup and shutdown sounds off and the shutdown screen to speed things up a bit when running dos sessions, also fixed the dosbox [email protected] so now winspeed reads [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ... but i am getting some random (ps3) crashing , not much and no harm done.. i packed mainly for the 3.41 users.

    i've set up dos based emus to launch from a run.bat so end user can edit and add game to be run, if you have problems try running from explorer, run, run as dos session. so i think i am about done with it most 3d game lag.. but all 2d and simple 3d work. running slow-Pentium fixed @4000 BUT you can bump the cycles up as much as you want, but sound will suffer.

    also i still can't get win32s to work on ps3, works fine on pc.. go figure.
    • now slimmed down to 100mb
    • added xmb menu music
    • dpad mapped to arrow keys , start=enter, select=backspace
    • new programs and games all launchable from the start menu..

    He also released OpenCP and 8Bit MIDIer v1 below, and to quote:

    Download: OCP MIDIer v1.3.41.pkg / OCP MIDIer v1.3.55.pkg

    Open cubic/midier media player.. two programs linked up to make a very nice package..

    Open Cubic Player: a mod player is something I've been wanting to do for ages, it plays: MOD XM S3M AMS MTM DMF ULT 669 NST WOW OKT PTM MDL WAV IT

    MIDIer: 8bit MID sounds really nice and at startup auto builds and loads a playlist, artists covered: pendulum, skrillex, daft punk, portishead, moby, massive attack.. in its current state it's all usable and plays all known formats fine.. installs under music.. also i recommend a usb install... it does work with apps installed under music and makes it easy to add your own tunes.

    this was just a test .pkg hence why its has a bit of bulk because of the included music but may as well be an early crimbo gift, enjoy

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