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    Jan 2010
    I never bought a wii because the multiplatform games are better on PC/PS3/360 anyway, but the bad thing I couldnt play all the mario games and now finally I can play those wii exclusives en old gamecube games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazzyhaz View Post
    probably cause these are the hardest to emulate, even sony hasn't emulated ps2 despite many efforts.
    It's basically impossible to emulate a PS2 accurately on a PS3, for the simple reason that the VU has 1024-bit memory access at a comparable bus speed to the EIB 512-bit memory access on the PS3. So, in general whilst the PS3 is far more powerful than the PS2, the PS2 beats the PS3 for raw fill rate.

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    My face, when we will play with wii games on ps3, with move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g0nned View Post
    Something i would REALLY LIKE its one MKV player with subtitles support. It will be the best.
    PS3 Media Server works really well for me, it plays everything with subtitle support.

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    Great news, homebrew emulators rock my world!

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    At last we may be able to play GC/Wii in 1080p

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    This is great news, i'm assuming the Wiimotes are Bluetooth so there may be a possibility to use them on the ps3? i wouldnt want to go out and buy a move controller for this haha but i'm sure it will be worth it regardless, until then i'll keep jamming on my snes emulator and waiting to hear news on a dreamcast emulator, great news, well done

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    YES!!! Would this work with the PsMove?

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    This is really awesome. I had not expected this. Keep up the good work.

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    Dec 2009
    I hope that he can port this emulator, i want to play Mario Kart Double Dash.

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