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  1. #81
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Looks like japanese devs hide it here

  2. #82
    Alexmagno Guest
    This program (almost) converts the english dungeon.dat to the modified Japanese one. Just need to set up the footer and the number of iterations now.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If the other dats all follow a similar pattern, it will be over in a couple days. But i assume the really big ones do not.

  3. #83
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Oh, thanks, that's really smart, you're the man, hehe!

    I can say, in talk.bin, the middle section, "main" - section has the same layout. You can see headers, pointers and message IDs with naked eye.

    It's definetly +Rep

  4. #84
    Kazekeil Guest
    I can probably give zukan a shot after I go through the tutorial.

  5. #85
    Alexmagno Guest
    OK guys, we have a big problem. While manually translating the dungeon.dat, i got to offset 2670 which is Evility Keeper. But on offset 26D0 the japanese dungeon.dat lists "Mao no Heya" - Mao's Room.

    In the english dungeon.dat the Evility Keeper is listed at offset 2E40, then we have a huge amount of trash code, then it resumes to the previous pattern at offset 3180 with "Basic Controls". (Which basically made my program useless at this point).

    Either way, the 2 version start diverging in translation order there. We may have to check if the other files also have those divergences (they likely do).

  6. #86
    Tobster7 Guest
    Thank you Tidus. This was the last thing I missed. Is it possible to rebuilt this eboot.bin (I hope it is)?

    A script whould be a really good thing and save a LOT of work. Now that the menu can be translated (?). Is there any thing left which is important?

    Dialog, skills, Items, Dark Assembly, dungeons,names, info texts and menus

  7. #87
    Kazekeil Guest
    Got my setup working and a streamlined way of doing it in notepad++

    Beginning work on Zukan.dat now

  8. #88
    Alexmagno Guest

    Dungeon.dat done.

    Finished manual edit of Dungeon .dat. The desyncs happenned because NISA removed some parts from the original game. I translated them. They were:

    マオの部屋 - Mao no Heya - Mao's Room

    魔王城 - Maou Shiro - Overlord's Castle

    魔王城(超勇者)玉座ED - Maou Shiro (Chou Yuusha) Gyoukuza ED - Overlord's Castle (Super Hero) Throne ED. I had to reduce the size of the translation since it didn't fit, and left it as Overlord's Castle(S.Hero)Thr.ED.

    魔王城(超勇者)玉座 - Maou Shiro (Chou Yuusha) Gyoukuza - Overlord's Castle (Super Hero) Throne. I had to reduce the size of the translation since it didn't fit, and left it as Overlord's Castle(S.Hero) Throne.

    ココロの中(コンセント) - Kokoro no Naka (KONSENTO) - Inside the Heart (Consent)

    I'll start working on the nameplate.dat next.

  9. #89
    Kazekeil Guest
    For some reason, the changes to zukan.dat are not manifesting. I even played up until you get to create characters and the info still isn't showing up. I know I'm doing everything correctly because I was able to successfully modify the char.dat file.

    Any other file I should work on until someone a bit more skilled checks out zukan?

  10. #90
    Alexmagno Guest
    Zukan means index/reference book in Japanese. The changes you made should be listed in a place like that i think, not in the character creation menu.

    I haven't tested my changes either, i'll check and see in a min. if the changes to Dungeon did something at all.

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