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  1. #761
    apgomez85 Guest
    what happened with the translation.. did it not work and he gave up or is he just awol? anyone know any updates? thanks.

  2. #762
    rezarhb Guest
    Is this just me, or the translations patch aren't working with the Disgaea 4 Cheats PKG ? The money works fine, but the max mana aren't working.. someone already tested it?

  3. #763
    jigenzan Guest
    Just fyi, finally beat the game and installed the DLC and patch 1.20. The DLC works fine (aside form negating the translation), but it's only the first pack, so unless you're a big fan of adell and rozalin, it's not really worth negating the patch for. Sucks, I REALLY wanted to play with a team of Zetta, Gig, Tyrant Val, Krichecskoy, and Nisa.

  4. #764
    rezarhb Guest
    so no one test it, huh?

  5. #765
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Any updates won't work, because they overwrite originally translated EBOOT.BIN, not to mention the updated game would require 3.60+ FW, so no, no updates.

  6. #766
    apgomez85 Guest
    what happened to Alexmagno?

  7. #767
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Not sure, but I just checked and his Last Activity was on June 23, 2012 if it helps.

  8. #768
    rezarhb Guest
    so, still nothing updated?

  9. #769
    bernywtf Guest
    well, we're on "holidays" (if you get them), so let's hope for september

  10. #770
    Tobster7 Guest
    Since Alex hasn't finished his translation I will upload my personal translation in the next days. It's missing the battle menues and the item world stuff at the time. I stopped working on it because Alex said he was working on it (again). I'll translate the rest of the most important stuff and post the eboot.bin. It's not 100% accurate but it's in english.

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