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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    ivanlol3 Guest
    thx 4 your effort

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    tutakamuru Guest
    i need alpha patcher version 3 please help me..

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    noshi Guest
    It was posted on page 73, but...

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    apgomez85 Guest
    Any update on this? Or did i miss it somehow?

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    noshi Guest
    Is there any place that has translations of the untranslated portions of this patch? Like the contents of the Data Shop or the menu in the Chara World.

    Also, I know there's some mana and HL pkg cheats floating around, but are there any for CP? Since we can't play online, there's gotta be a way of cheating in some CP so we can truly experience the full game.

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    jigenzan Guest
    Hello! I just made an account just to say THANK YOU GUYS!!! Installed the patch today, and it looks awesome! If anyone would be kind enough to link me to where I can find the required files for translating the cutscenes, it would be much appreciated

    Alright, now I'm having an annoying problem. I tracked down a copy of the US version; replaced the files specified for the cutscenes, and now the game is only playing in Japanese. Everything is in Japanese again.

    In order: I just installed the pkg. files for the 1.20 patch and the fixed dlc characters. Then I replaced the five files in the translated copy of D4, loaded it up, got japanese cutscenes and story. Tried clearing my game cache and re-translating w/the US files installed, still Japanese.

    So, what happened? Is the translator incompatible with the patch/dlc? I downloaded those from the DUPLEX thread on this site btw.

    *Edit: >< ach, once more I find the answer myself. Apparently, it was the patch interfering with the translation. As soon as I deleted patch 1.20, the translation was perfect. so I guess that means no DLC huh? Did anyone get the translation working side by side with DUPLEX's fixed Disgaea 4 dlc?

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    I think no because the translation uses and translates the eboot and the patch 1.20 will make the eboot like an original one. I'm not sure 100% maybe there is a way so wait for another answer.

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    noshi Guest
    Does a save game work from going English translation -> patch 1.20? Since the DLC only works in post-game anyway, maybe you could just play the game with the translation and then patch install DLC once you get to post game.

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    jigenzan Guest
    thanks Noshi, I hadn't made a save file yet, soI'll give that a try; though I think Itachi's prolly right in that it's the eboot that's the problem. In that case, I'll just go with your suggestion and activate DLC during postgame.

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    noshi Guest
    Is this a bug in the translation or the game itself? Whenever I deal six digit damage (over 100k), the numbers that display over the character get compressed and overlap so I can really only make out the first two digits and the last digit. The damage display on the bottom left of the screen is fine though. It's no big deal, it doesn't really affect gameplay, just a minor annoyance I guess.

    Also, has anyone noticed in Chara World sometimes objects or characters won't get killed when they run out of health? The object or character still occupies a space on the board (although you can still throw stuff into that space), but they have 0 health and don't act (and can't be attacked) and the map will still end when killing the rest of the enemies.

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