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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    A fully translated battle menu would be the best. I'm glad this is still being worked on, thanks to all contributors, especially Tobster.

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    Tobster7 Guest

    - Music Shop
    - Dark Assembly/Senate
    - Character Creation 20%

    There's a problem with the "voting moods" (like "Total Support" etc.) and bribing at the Senate. It's not saved in the eboot.elf. I checked every *.dat file in the start.dat container too, but found nothing. I assume that either it isn't saved as plain words or it's stored in a different file other that the eboot.elf and start.dat.

    Does anybody have any idea where it could be?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    There's some news on the trophies.

    As I said earlier, preety much every file has a NP-checksum. Why trophy-description file has a checksum, but a file where are all stored trophies for the game - isn't. Tried and tested everything, eve repacking with "official" and hand-made tools, adding a debug flag, editing user-side insalled files - no luck. Have to kick that idea a boot. There's no known way.

    About the senate, I have few ideas, will try them now and report

    Okay, I've searched どちらでもいい in every file in the game, both in the S-JIS encoding (hex: 82C782BF82E782C582E082A282A2) and UTF-8 (hex: E381A9E381A1E38289E381A7E38282E38184E38184).

    It may be written using a method similar to "unescape" without revealing the true strings, but my guess is that these moods can be in a picture format somewhere in those lzs files

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Okay, then I'll make a small picture with all the voting moods and bribing moods translations in one file. I think this will be helpful.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Okay. I've started digging up textures/fonts/pictures.

    No moods here yet, but I keep searching.
    One note though, seems like "TitleParts.txf" (main menu text) can be replaced with US equivalent.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Then I'm waiting for your searching results.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Nope, stumbled upon another wall here, these texts are nowhere to be found. Disgaea 4 has a good modding possibilities though
    We'll stuck to the variant with translations.

    EDit: saveicon.dat has the names for the saves in the "Options" screen

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Here's the picture with all the translations for the Senate. We should release it with our file patcher when we cannot find an in-game solution for the moods.

    EDIT: Here's a printer friendly version without any fancy stuff.

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Nice to see so much progress on that end. Don't worry, i'm still working here, and i'm pretty sure we'll have it ALL translated by the end of the month.

    I'd suggesting looking for the <3 to find the dark assembly quotes, as they are around there, lying in some file.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Here's what I've done so far. It's tested and it works well. We can use it for further translations. I used videos and photos of the english version as base for my translation. Some translations are trimmed because of letter limitations. Some menu descriptions aren't 100% accurate but the meaning is still the same.

    Still missing:

    - Battle Menus
    - Item & Chara World messages
    - Ship Editor
    - Data Shop
    - Character Painter
    - Character Creation
    - Character names & some classes
    - Some error and info messages here and there

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