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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    UPD: translated what said earlier + some minor fixes.
    TODO: Dark assembly, Item world menus.

    This japanese is an overkill for me. Even doing this way it is hard as nails. I'll attach uncompressed eboot here, so take a look and help with translation. When translated soomething, post it back here, I'll wrap it back to playable self again

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    Tobster7 Guest
    I try to translate the Dark assembly..

    Alright here's the DA stuff. It's in the area with offset 00467D20. By the way the most written options are in this area. Take 2 or 3 hiragana from a JIS-table and search them.

    The voting moods are not in the eboot.elf. I looked for different hiragana combinations like どちら でもいい (Either Way) but found nothing. Maybe these moods are in a different file.

    Use the search function to find hiragana combinations. It's "fast".

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Okay, here's the file with the Item World menus and some of the translations of the special attack vendor. I think in this area is the description of the item world gates too. There's something about "POP". We'll see it in another cycle with new pictures soon.

    I don't have the tools to rebuild an eboot.bin by my own. But Tidus can to do it.

    Let's give it a shot and see how it works and looks.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    PM'ed with the rebuilt eboot.

    Didn't test it, as I don't have a PS3 near me, but hope it boots

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Yes, it works well. Some translations are to big to fit in the lines and there're some typos. "Magichange?" must be renamed to Evility too.

    The method works fine but it's a lot of work.

    What will I do:
    - Fix the typos and trim the lines.
    - Take systematically photos of ALL menus
    - Make a first translation

    Edit: Some translations are gone?? The battle menus are not translated anymore?!

    So I took a lot of photos of the most important menus with every sub-menu and made a first translation:
    1. Item Worlder
    2. Evility Shop
    3. General Store and other shops
    4. Specialty Store (it's included in point 3)
    5. Chara Worlder
    6. Nurse
    7. X-Dimension and Dimension Guide
    8. Champain Board
    9. Dark assembly (moods still missing)
    10. Battle Menus (the previous translations are gone ??)

    Here're the photos:

    • For the most parts the words and sentences have to be trimmed in order to fit in the lines properly
    • Shorter is better and keep it simple
    • Don't use to much "spaces"
    • Abbreviations are needed

    So we "only" have to edit the eboot.elf to finish this.

    Edit: I'm working on the Item world

    Edit 2:
    - "1. Item World" finished
    - All "Yes" and "No" replaced
    - All "Items" and "Stck" (for Stock) replaced
    - All 整理 (Sort) replaced

    We have to test it.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    You've made an awesome job! Is everything fine now? Are battle menus back in english? Seems like a mystery to me.

    On the way back home from work I've figured some (3 or 4) clever ways to hack trophies. I know it's not vital, but, really, trophies are so sweet ^_^

    So I'll make detour from the original eboot translation to translating them. Although it'll be a little difficult to test it.

    Thanks again Tobster, and thanks again to everyone supporting us!

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    Tobster7 Guest
    The battle menus are japanese now. Maybe you have used an old eboot.bin. But it's not so bad, I have an eboot with english battle menus. So we can replace it. We should only use "one" eboot.elf all the time. So if anybody wants to edit it, only this person works on this file.

    It works great. I took some photos.

    I corrected some minor things in the "Item Worlder" and replaced all (なし) with empty.

    Tidus: What setup of tools do you use to rebuild that eboot? I don't want to annoy you everytime I made some changes in the eboot.elf. If the set of tools is small enough maybe you can upload it for me as a package.

    Edit: I'm working on "2 Evility Shop"

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Hacking evening resulted in a failure, seems like everything in trophies is NP-signed, even XML description file. For some reason we can't "feed" a japanese eboot US trophy file even after some pathing to both of files, changing COMMIDs etc.
    The verdict for tonight - trophies will remain japanese.

    Tobster, the last elf file that you've sent me is manually-corrected, so it just needs only signing from here on. I've sent you a PM with archive, took some time to build it cygwin-free, so you can run it from windows no prob.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Progress (1.2)

    - "2 Evility Shop" finished
    - All "Mana" replaced
    - All SP-Cost, Type, Elem (element), Effc (status effect), Rang (range) replaced

    Edit: I corrected a nasty error and it works now (I hate this HEX-Crap)

    Tidus: Your script works really good.

    Edit 2: eboot.elf 1.3

    - A lot of small fixes (Powr, Chance etc.)
    - Redone Main Menu (Evilitys, Equipment etc.)
    - Redone Main Options (it looks way better now)

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    rubenz Guest
    Thank you all of you for doing such a great job ^^

    PS: If you need help with Jap words, let me know, hope I can help ^^

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