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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    HxD Hex Editor is a great editor which doesn't make any wrong. I can just refer you to this nice piece of software.

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    winsbydefault Guest
    Yeah i'm using that right now.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I've tried some edits.. I can say, that english talk.dat can can corrupt game - some dialoges crash, also, it causes anomalies on the Stage - so, it needs to be edited manually.. Also, no solution about repeating characters.

    It seems like every file needs to be manuallly edited. There's tons of work here for one person. Till Disgaaea 5 or CFW 3.70

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Better than nothing. Since i have nothing else to do, i'll start working on this one.

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

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    epochfx Guest
    Wish I could help but I'm spreading reputation as much as I can, really appreciate the work you guys are putting in.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    there are a lot of small files to translate - better said, mechanicaly edit them (no language knowing needed, but preffered) - like items, skills, magic etc. You have a japanese file and english one. Basicaly, you open jap file, find first jap word and replace it with english one (which you see in US file).

    I think, I'll do a nice detailed tutorial and we split - who should edit which file. What do you think?

    And yeah, I think full translation is 99% possible.

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    Alexmagno Guest
    I could do it. Got a lot of free time.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    1. Dump your JAP (BLJS10095) and US (BLUS30727) versions of the game. Or obtain this files from other legal sources

    2. Download NISUnpack (

    3. Unpack file START.DAT (PS3_GAME/USRDIR/data/) executing
    java -jar NISUnpack.jar -LE START.DAT
    Do this for both dumps of the game. Now, you'll have an additional folder called "START" in both dumps, which contains unpacked files.

    Note, that US version has more files than JAP (japanese has 450, US I don't remember, maybe 476)

    We will be taking JAPANESE version as base

    4. You how need a good HEX editor, I recomend WindHex

    and a Shift_JIS table for it - sjis.tbl

    5. Pay attention here, I'll attach some pics.
    5.1. Start WindHex -> "Open file for editing" and select the file you want to load (JAP one). Here, we'll take a "char.dat" as an example
    5.2 After the file loads, click "File" - "Open table file" and select downloaded sjis.tbl
    5.3. After this, make sure "Option" - "View data as Unicode" is selected.
    5.4. Adjust font size (if needed). Only SIZE!
    If the image you see is not the same, as in Screen 1 (in attachments), do NOT CONTINUE.
    5.5. YOu see, that white characters is japanese text. It should be replaced. But what does those characters mean, if I do not know japanese? We should look for this info in the US file.

    6. Start WIndHex once more, so that you'll have 2 copies of this program running.
    Open US file "char.dat". Adjust font if neede, but !IMPORTANT! do NOT load here sjis.tbl (because we'll work with english text)
    Here you can see, there is some readable info - you can see the string "Valvatorez" and the beginning of his title - "Prinny instructor" (see screen 2)

    7. If you survived to this point, now it should be clear to you, that you should replace that white japanese characters from japanese char.dat with words "Valvatorez" and "Prinny Instructor"

    Focus on your opened japanese char.dat. Click on the beginning of that white string and press tab (to focus on the ANSI - right - part of the editor). Be sure, the first byte is selected - 83 and NOT 94. Japanese chars consist of 2 bytes - in our case, it is 8394 - which gives first letter. (see screen 3)

    8. If your focusing is rigth, begin printing "Valvaztorez". In the end you see, that new string is shorter than the original and we have some spare chars left after our word (see screen 4). Press TAB and fill extra characters with 00's


    You may exit Hex editors If you want to try your game or continue. Let's exit everything and try.
    9. Download D4Pack - extract to JAP dump "PS3_GAME\USRDIR\DATA" (so it's in the same folder as the "START").
    9.1.You may need original JAP START.DAT in future, rename it to START.OLD
    9.2. Run
    It should generate new START.DAT with the edited file you made. Woo hoo!
    9.3. Copy game to the external and give it a try! Start game, do not download an update, wait till game loads, select the first option, skip cutscenes and press TRIANGLE once the character is under your control! You made it! Tha main character name is now in english!

    In case you liked this editing, sign up this topic and I'll assign you a file, which you should chage, thus working altogether to a greater goal!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Alexmagno View Post
    I could do it. Got a lot of free time.
    You can start by translating "Dungeon.dat" it should be preety simple after this tutorial. Or anything you like - mitem.dat, mskill.dat, magic.dat...

    And yeah, "char.dat" is taken by me

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    Alexmagno Guest
    I was trying to understand what is that "checksum". IT seems to only begin with 3E/3D and has some files in sequencial order.
    I'll start working on the Dungeon.dat then.

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