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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    JonnyMohawk Guest
    Since every hosting site multiupload uses had either gone down or deleted the file I have uploaded it for everyone here.

    Please enjoy, and if it goes down for whatever reason do the right thing and mirror it.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I have re-uploaded it to UppIT and Upload Mirrors just in case.

    Here are the links: /

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    2pac Guest
    Please, Can someone re-upload the original eboot? Since megaupload's death it's (almost) imposible to find anything.


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    Tobster7 Guest

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    eizade Guest


    Hi there, Thanks Tidus+team for doing somethng great. I've some problem doing the translation patch - it stop at start.dat patching. Dunno why and tried several times / change file location but still d same "unpacking failed" problem. Any idea?? btw am using mac.

    If someone willing to share the patched file, i really appreciate. Thanks

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Here're the patched files of the pre-beta version:

    Just overwrite the unpatched files with the new ones and play.

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    Mystic Racer Guest
    Thanks a lot, i search the eboot mod in English, but i can't find, I download you files, again thanks a lot.

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    oratorus Guest
    4* If you want English cutscenes and Main Menu, you may overwrite your's Japanese "ANM.DAT", ANM_HI.DAT", "BG.DAT", "BU.DAT", "Dis3_0.dat" with US version equivalents (if you happen to also have an US version of the game)
    Is that referring to just the voices, or are the cutscenes' text all in Japanese too if I don't do that? Thanks.

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    pjs312 Guest
    The cutscenes and menu text are in japanese, if you replace the cutscenes and menu with the english ones ("ANM.DAT", ANM_HI.DAT", "BG.DAT", "BU.DAT", "Dis3_0.dat") it will have english text still but it has the japanese audio.

    can anyone upload the alpha 3 patch, the one with the sound option?

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    eizade Guest
    Tobster7 Thanks a lot!!

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