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    Now it's working, i just downloaded another japonese version of the game and works perfectly. thx guys

    oh before i forget just another question: Some menus are not translated, like Char world and Cam-Pain HQ menu, and some descriptions like Geo Block etc.. These ones will be translated as well?


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    Quote Originally Posted by lix1916 View Post
    These ones will be translated as well?

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    Alexmagno still around? It's been 2 months since he has posted anything.

    Are you still working on this, Alex?

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    It seems that he's gone. Without his help we can't complete this project. It's a pity.

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    I'm using 3.55kmeaw. I patched it using recommended settins, but i'm getting a black screen after selecting new game and viewing the intro. Maybe i need to update the game to 2.00 version?

    Looks like I get suck in the JAP (PS3 caravan) version as well, after the new game animation. I haven't been using my PS3 since the summer, so I updated my multiman to the latest version, and installed BDEMU2.pkg. Tried disc/discless, still no luck. Any ideas? I also noticed that Uncharted 3 (supposedly fixed version) also gets stuck at loading screen. Coincidence?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobster7 View Post
    It seems that he's gone. Without his help we can't complete this project. It's a pity.
    Hey guys, i'm not gone at all I was just really busy with college works and had to help out my family during these holidays.

    Some not so good news: The file which was already fully translated is gone. I gave it to a friend of mine to revise and deleted my very own copy trusting that he'd send me a complete version. Turns out his PC crashed and we got nothing... almost. I had an old backup of the .jce but it only has the initial Japanese dump, and not the full version of it either, but it's up to 80-85% dumped there.

    What I'm gonna do now is restart the translation after i finish the dump (Again.... ugggggggggh) and keep the files updated by posting them here, so we won't risk this mess happening yet again.

    Judging from my current free time, which is not good either, i expect to finish the dump by the weekend and start posting translations soon. Since I'm not home right now, i don't have the file here, but i'll start by posting the almost done .jce dump tomorrow and work things up from there. Any help in translating that is welcome since my Japanese is poor at best.

    One more time, sorry for taking this long... But RL takes precedence here

    Expect this to get finished soon.

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    Where are the files to translate? Anyone could bring me them please..

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    Hi Alex, glad to hear a word from you! It's a pity it is gone

    The only file we need to complete is eboot.bin.

    Unself it and try to translate, if you can using hex editor

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    Nice to hear the project is still alive. Me personally, i could not wait any longer and started playing a couple of days ago. The pre-beta is highly playable, and i have yet to encounter a game-breaking bug (but i'm only at chapter 5).

    Thanks for all the work so far!

    Also Alex, thank you for reminding me to backup my schoolwork (i'm going to do that right now, jeeeez what a horror story, losing all that work)

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    Yes, pre-beta is highly playable, personally, I've played alpha2 version, then in the middle switched to alpha3 version with desynched sounds, and still highly enjoyed the game.

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