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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Toneezy Guest
    Was there a reason you guys couldn't translate the opening dialog? Thanks for this awesome patch though! Keep up the excellent work.

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    KirasiN91 Guest
    The opening dialogue about Hades and human corruption? o.o

    It's a cutscene, so if you copy the files tidus mentioned from the US version, it will be in english.

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    CyKoDeLiC Guest
    Hi there. I copied the BLJS10095 Folder to partition D and then it just went fine, thx for your help!

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    hackme Guest
    hello, can someone plz upload the english only main menu (or cutschenes too if possible), for those who can't download the whole USA game again? in megaupload or other?? i bet there are out there a lot people wanting that... thanks in advance.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    I send you an email.

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    hackme Guest
    thank you very much Tobster

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    Cailveh Guest
    Thanks guys, I was waiting for that too long

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    tate Guest
    I could use a link to the english main menu and cut scenes files as well please.

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    KirasiN91 Guest
    Looking forward to Alexmango finishing the eboot game is sooo darn fun! just hearing about MC,fusions, MC fusions, and DOUBLE MC fusions got me so excited

    Only thing needed at the moment is the senate translation, can't bribe otherwise (well can but would make life easier)

    Did I mention how much I appreciate this?

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    boon27 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kh2team View Post
    i get this error when i try to patch the game
    • Found modified EBOOT and no proper backup...Can't continue...
    • Uncheck "Patch EBOOT" and try patching only START.dat, or replace modified EBOOT with original one
    I also have the same problem. Does anyone have a copy of Original Eboot to upload? I can't seem to find any from searching the net.

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