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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    xenogear90 Guest
    I applied the patch to Diasgaea 4 Fuuka and Desco-hen Hajimemashita (by mistake) and its working, but with buggy text in some places. And if you go to the senate a bug will ocuur with black screen and missing textures.

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    jermore Guest
    It's possible that the expansion mostly modifies data files I guess.. and I'm pretty sure you will be missing a whole lot of textures by doing this hahah. Very interesting though.

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    Signorelli Guest
    Everything looks great so far; though there was one spacing issue with the Sardine Thief's name. It shows as Sard. ... Thief.

    (Imagine the ellipses as spaces though)

    Other than that, no issues thus far. Great work guys!

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    noshi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    4* If you want English cutscenes and Main Menu, you may overwrite your's Japanese "ANM.DAT", ANM_HI.DAT", "BG.DAT", "BU.DAT", "Dis3_0.dat" with US version equivalents (if you happen to also have an US version of the game)
    When I try this, the game hangs on that first loading screen with the spinning prinny before the title screen. Default patch method. It works fine if I keep the Japanese files, though.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    The name of the sardine thief is stored in the eboot. The eboot is not modified by glyphication yet so the name has a SJIS space in it.

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    kh2team Guest
    i get this error when i try to patch the game
    • Found modified EBOOT and no proper backup...Can't continue...
    • Uncheck "Patch EBOOT" and try patching only START.dat, or replace modified EBOOT with original one

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It's like it is, maybe you've patched the game with alpha-version patcher and deleted backup (EBOOT.OLD)?

    Just replace your EBOOT.BIN with fresh, untoched eboot from japanese version

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    CyKoDeLiC Guest
    I get the error:

    Selected directory: D:\D4JP\Disgaea 4 (JP)\BLJS10095
    PS3_DISC.SFB has the right CRC: DF47E366, seems like you are using right version, continue...
    EBOOT patching is on, proceeding to patch...(Backup will be made)
    Found vanilla japanese eboot, patching..
    Patching EBOOT failed, reverting changes...
    START.dat patching on, proceeding to patch...
    Unpacking failed...exiting

    So, what's the problem here?

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    KirasiN91 Guest
    Might sound dumb, but tried running as admin? o.o

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Another suggestion, try placing a game somewhere, so the path won't have spaces.
    Like D:\D4JP\BLJS10095. It may be spacing problem, although I corrected it ages ago, but maybe somehow it's back..

    EDIT: Tested and it seems to work fine for me with spaces... Oh, maybe you haven't unrared patch and used it out-of-the-box? You should unrar patch somewhere, prefferably on the same disk as your backup.
    Try and report back

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