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    sun1345h3d Guest
    wow i will try this

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    ahou Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 1Panic View Post
    Oh yeah I forgot to report I loaded a save file I had for some time and it worked, had no issues. It doesn't look THAT good. Its less then "semi" translated. From what I saw barly anything was. I noticed items and armor and such were only translated in shops only. The menus are fine and translated which is cool. Magic and abilities are translated I think perfectly. Especially in battle which makes battles easier.

    The menu in that when pressing "triangle" was not translated but to be honest I never needed that translated. I memorized that menu in battle from the other 3 games. They seem to always use the exact same menus. So it's basically really simple to get around the menu in battle and out of it. In fact the way it is now is almost perfect for me. For my standards thats all that basically needs to be. lol I don't care at all about dialogues. I never cared for the story of any of the games.

    The gameplay it self is why I play them. Dialoges for cut scenes maybe in either item worlds or maybe people you "need" to actually talk to out of battle should maybe be translated. But other then that I think it is fine. Having items translated outside the shops would be nice but not untirly needed.
    Item names are saved as they are, and can't be changed, except through item world bills, which you obviously would never do. Any items you got before the patch are stuck with the jp names.

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    1Panic Guest
    OH really? Oh thats why. lol Oh ok thanks. I guess that's good to know. lol Thanks.

  4. #574
    jermore Guest
    Amazing guys, I really didn't think you'd be able to pull off dialogues having looked at talk.dat myself (and consequently folding over in dismay after spending 6 hours with double lettering issue). Really impressive work here, congratulations!

    Will definitely be firing this up in the next few days!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 1Panic View Post
    OH really? Oh thats why. lol Oh ok thanks. I guess that's good to know. lol Thanks.
    Maybe you're using old save, so that's the problem - game saves a lot of text in the save file. There's really alot translated - some menu items left japanese, but it's worked in eboot. For now, every jp file the game had is translated (again. except for eboot). DOn't be sceptical, try New Game and see

    Oh, I don't forget to launch another game to clear your cache before trying new patch.

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    jermore Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 1Panic View Post
    I just wanted to ask after you get done with this do you plan on translating Fuuka & Desco-hen Hajime Mashita too? It's the add on disc that was recently released.

    I am not too sure if it shares the same eboot/sfo version as the main Japanese version of the game. It should but I am not sure yet. In fact I don't know if it has been released online or not so I really wouldn't know. Here is the boxart to it.
    Unlike Disgaea 4, there is no current english translation for the expansion.. and it's not likely to be officially translated by the looks of it (really disappointing for fans).

    I had a quick look around for it and it's not too hard to find, around 3GB. I'd imagine it was released before 3.55 judging by the date (2010/10), so running it shouldn't be a huge issue. I'd wager the eboot would have to be translated again, but otherwise all the tools we have now are capable of doing it.

    Problem is finding someone who would actually like to translate the dialogue from japanese into english, and although I don't think the expansion is particularly large it's still a pretty big feat to undertake. (not to mention having to redo some of the work already done?)

  7. #577
    Alexmagno Guest
    Hey guys, eboot is 80% done. Like i said, a ton of work is preventing me from doing this as fast as I could, but it is going slow and steady.
    We'll REALLY, REALLY need people to review the translations after it's done.

  8. #578
    KirasiN91 Guest
    Haha great news alexmango.

    So I started a new game, everything is great, no glitches/bugs so far, only one delayed dialogue (3 sec), no big deal.
    Just a few typos thought, DELET and reincarntion (don't remember), but who cares I can finally understand everything about sardines... rofl

  9. #579
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Fuuka and Desco-hen Hajimemashita was released 10/27/11 with code BLJS-10130, according to GameFaqs. So, my guess is this above 3.55.

    It's good to see that eboot translation is alive and kicking!

  10. #580
    jermore Guest
    Yeah I think you're right; the release date written in the release is incorrect.

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