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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    You mean 0x8140 to 0x7320?

    It can be done auto-replacement, but you should look at each replacement before doing this, you may replace some neccessary space.
    I'm going to do some work now, after that, I'll be working on a patcher.

    EDIT:Yeah, auto-replacement should work, since most of cases are " 's " and " 't "

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    Tobster7 Guest
    738140 will be replaced by 277320 for all 's . I'll check it before pasting of course and then jump to the next marker and so on. Then for all the 'm 't 'll ! ? : , ( ) % in all files.

    It's a little bit annoying to change everything back but it'll be a perfect translation then.

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    zoidran Guest
    Ok, so that's why there were 0x8140 after words with apostrophes... (I was quite puzzled by this.)

    You should note that the option '-P' of d4tool is precisely meant to handle those cases by automatic substitution. Of course, I don't know whether it is enough to solve all problematic cases. The '-P' option is meant to be used with the 'patch' action, and it sets $punctuation_heuristic to true, which in turn is used in this function (called on all strings written in the dat file):
    sub apply_punctuation_heuristic {
            return $_[0] if (!$punctuation_heuristic);
            my $apostrophe = pack('CC', 0x81, ord('@')); # postfixed apostrophe!
            my $question_mark = pack('CC', 0x81, ord('H')); # this one's regular
            my $exclamation_mark = pack('CC', 0x81, ord('I')); # this one's regular
            $_ = $_[0];
            s/ve$apostrophe/'ve /g; # Ex: "you've"
            s/ll$apostrophe/'ll /g; # Ex: "you'll"
            s/(.)$apostrophe/'\1 /g; # Ex: "don't"
            s/$question_mark/\? /g; # while we're at it...
            s/$exclamation_mark/\! /g; # while we're at it...
            return $_;
    Well, the "postfixed apostrophe" is actually a SJIS space character, but I didn't notice this when I was writing this function. ^^;
    You may want to add new automatic substitution rules, such as "s/HP SP/HP\/SP/", to put back the '/' which should be in the Sardine description, for instance (well, this can simply be done by hand, so it is a stupid example).

    Here is an exhaustive list of item descriptions automatically corrected when using '-P' when patching:
    > 3c[46]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FAww<81>CI told you it's gonna be hot! "
    > 1ec[49]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FRock<81>Cpaper<81>Cscissors! Paper! You win! "
    > 39c[62]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FDon't worry about the smell. It just adds character."
    > 42c[43]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FNow<81>Ceveryone<81>Ctogether with me! "
    > 4bc[56]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FI've underestimated you... Not bad<81>Cnot bad..."
    > 5dc[29]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FCalm down<81>Cdammit! "
    > 66c[42]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FI think I m getting stronger! "
    > 6fc[29]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FBring it on<81>Cpunk! "
    > 78c[42]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FTime for a change! "
    > 81c[46]: "Wpn-Fist<81> refreshing! "
    > 8ac[48]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FDid somebody say "Miracle"? "
    > 93c[38]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FThis is Pop's special."
    > a5c[44]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FAim from the shadows...and slice! "
    > aec[40]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FOooooooooh! I m spinning! "
    > b7c[64]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FJust a crack or a complete break? How do you want it? "
    > c0c[40]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FWhoa<81>Chey! Stay away from me! "
    > c9c[49]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FThey'll take you out for a nice dinner."
    > dbc[48]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FNow<81>Ctie that belt on good and tight! "
    > f6c[50]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FAs soon as you stop ducking...uppercut! "
    > ffc[34]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FIt's probably purple."
    > 108c[56]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FY-you re bleeding! ...Oh<81>Cwait<81>Cno you re not."
    > 11ac[51]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FYou'll feel like you re rising to heaven."
    > 123c[47]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FWho cares if Death wears a gauntlet? "
    > 12cc[36]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FCurrently in high demand! "
    > 147c[63]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FI'll deal with you with one hand tied behind my back."
    > 159c[47]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FA legendary fist. It's damn powerful."
    > 16bc[34]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FCu Sith's working hard."
    > 174c[34]: "Wpn-Fist<81>FNekomata's working hard."
    > 1a1c[54]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FAvast ye<81>Cmates! Mmmm...scurvy<81><8f>"
    > 1bcc[38]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FPlease be careful with it! "
    > 1c5c[51]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FAll that remains of a dead knight. Eww! "
    > 1cec[54]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FWait a minute! This isn't all that heavy..."
    > 1e0c[35]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FIt's very eco-friendly! "
    > 1fbc[42]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FFujiyama<81>! "
    > 20dc[28]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FWoo-hoooo! "
    > 231c[35]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FThe hero's name was AAA."
    > 23ac[47]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FDuh duh<81>Cduh duh... Hear the music? "
    > 243c[60]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FIt's so beautiful...but not as beautiful as you! "
    > 255c[60]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FIf you re careful<81>Cyou can make popcorn with it! "
    > 267c[54]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FI guess it's pretty powerful."
    > 279c[53]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FGet all the attention from the kunoichis! "
    > 282c[63]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FCutting board<81>'ll cleave anything in half."
    > 28bc[46]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FIt's big<81>Clong<81>Cand kinda pearly."
    > 294c[54]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FYeah<81>Cwe know<81>Cit doesn't have any wings..."
    > 29dc[44]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FThis'll make you piss your pants."
    > 2a6c[51]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FTake your Hrunting when you go hunting! "
    > 2f7c[37]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FPetite Orc's working hard."
    > 300c[34]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FDragon's working hard."
    > 309c[36]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FSuccubus's working hard."
    > 312c[32]: "Wpn-Sword<81>FDesco's working hard."
    > 351c[51]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FFirst<81>Cyou gotta collect all the parts! "
    > 363c[49]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt's actually an axe! ...Just kidding."
    > 37ec[66]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt's specially made so even vampires can use it. Cool! "
    > 387c[40]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FThis ain't for farming<81>Cboy! "
    > 390c[52]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FYou'll become nocturnal and wake up late."
    > 3abc[59]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FDemonstrates higher power against weak animals! "
    > 3bdc[61]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt's bent all out of shape<81>Cbut it's not a defect."
    > 3cfc[50]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt'll start trembling during the night."
    > 3d8c[47]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FPin two at once! Oh! No! Not there! "
    > 3e1c[39]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FBe the E-A-G-L-E<81>Ceagle...! "
    > 3eac[58]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt used to be a child's toy until the recall."
    > 3fcc[36]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FDo you like brave women? "
    > 417c[40]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FOwww... Take this<81>Ccavities! "
    > 420c[57]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FForged in fire to look like fire. That's hot! "
    > 432c[38]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt's not poisonous<81>Cthough."
    > 43bc[48]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FCover your ankles! "
    > 468c[56]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FApproved by the God of Destruction. DESTROY! "
    > 483c[58]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt'll come right back to you when you throw it."
    > 48cc[36]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt hurts so good! "
    > 49ec[44]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FIt'll make you say<81>F"Oh...God...""
    > 4a7c[40]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FEvery man's fantasy."
    > 4b0c[34]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FSludge's working hard."
    > 4b9c[42]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FSkeletal Dragon's working hard."
    > 4c2c[37]: "Wpn-Spear<81>FCockatrice's working hard."
    > 4efc[49]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FDon't pull too hard<81>Cor you'll break it."
    > 4f8c[44]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FWhere does this extra screw go? "
    > 513c[62]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FJust between you and me; it's better to use the edge."
    > 51cc[65]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FIt just looks long. That doesn't mean it shoots farther."
    > 540c[62]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FIt hurts at first<81>Cbut you'll soon be addicted to it."
    > 552c[52]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FWarning! It won't make you fly or anything."
    > 564c[48]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FPst<81>Cit's only gold plated."
    > 56dc[54]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FAKA the Anonymous Bow. It's a little shy."
    > 576c[60]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FBlades of wind will cut through your target's body."
    > 57fc[58]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FIt's mad that you harmed a tree to build it."
    > 588c[48]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FIt'll grow into a big tree in two days."
    > 591c[45]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FThrow it and it'll come back to you."
    > 5acc[62]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FDon't forget to polish it at least three times a day."
    > 5b5c[50]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FThe question is<81>Cdo you have a good aim? "
    > 5c7c[54]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FDon't worry about the angry beast."
    > 5d9c[62]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FOf course it smells like a beast. What d you expect? "
    > 5e2c[56]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FThere's a flyer posted<81>Clooking for a lost bow."
    > 618c[54]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FIt regenerates<81>Cbut don't break it on purpose"
    > 621c[44]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FKnow the power of nature! "
    > 657c[34]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FPrinny's working hard."
    > 660c[38]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FZombie's working hard."
    > 669c[32]: "Wpn-Bow<81>FDeath's working hard."
    > 69fc[54]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FCan't find it when you most need it the most."
    > 6b1c[48]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FThis is for my father! Brace yourself! "
    > 6bac[50]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FIt's easy to handle<81>Ceven for older folk."
    > 6c3c[38]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FLet's boogie all night long! "
    > 6ccc[35]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FShh! Be vewy<81>Cvewy quiet! "
    > 6dec[54]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FThis is not a musical instrument! "
    > 6f0c[53]: "Wpn-Gun<81>F Cause that's where the Revolver's gonna be."
    > 702c[60]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FYou won't be anyone's punk as long as you got this."
    > 70bc[52]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FDon't tag your friends with this<81>Ckids."
    > 738c[56]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FThey re the protectors of the galaxy! "
    > 765c[53]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FIt'll take you ten years to master this gun."
    > 777c[57]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FIt'll shoot through tanks like depleted uranium."
    > 780c[56]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FSome girls think it's cute. Not big...but cute."
    > 792c[67]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FIts surprisingly high performance causes more fatalities! "
    > 7a4c[46]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FAKA a railgun. Feel the electricity! "
    > 7adc[42]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FCan't get rid of that smoky smell"
    > 7bfc[34]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FOutput power 120%...Tah! "
    > 7d1c[44]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FGod bless to you all! "
    > 7f5c[34]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FMothman's working hard."
    > 7fec[38]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FBaciel's working hard."
    > 807c[34]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FCatsaber's working hard."
    > 810c[42]: "Wpn-Gun<81>FPrinny Kurtis's working hard."
    > 83dc[66]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FYo<81>CI'll tell you what I want<81>Cwhat I really really want."
    > 846c[61]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FAn old axe. Engraved with the previous owner's name."
    > 84fc[49]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FWould this enhance your performance...? "
    > 861c[36]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FHey Sdeve! "
    > 86ac[52]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FAn axe that's popular in a foreign country."
    > 87cc[45]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FReal gold costs too much<81>Cyou know? "
    > 8a0c[55]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FHow many men were tricked by this axe so far? "
    > 8a9c[54]: "Wpn-Axe<81>F"This ain't no axe!" "Don tchu know it!""
    > 8bbc[61]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FCute or dangerous? It all depends on how you use it."
    > 8cdc[46]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FAny last words before you die? "
    > 903c[35]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FKeep it out of the water! "
    > 90cc[59]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FMade from a moon rock. This one's for reeeaaalll! "
    > 915c[56]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FAn axe that fell from the sky. It's dangerous! "
    > 942c[56]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FDon't tell anyone else you have this axe! "
    > 95dc[54]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FIt's powerful<81>Cbut don't count on it too much"
    > 966c[54]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FStolen from God. I hope he's not mad"
    > 9a5c[40]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FWood Golem's working hard."
    > 9aec[38]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FEryngi's working hard."
    > 9b7c[36]: "Wpn-Axe<81>FGargoyle's working hard."
    > 9dbc[58]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FIt's convenient if you need to start a fire.   "
    > 9e4c[49]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FDon't worry too much about its weight."
    > 9ffc[52]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FYou'll gain great balance<81>Cbut that's it."
    > a23c[59]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FClarity level? What's that? Does it taste good? "
    > a2cc[60]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FAn item that's found in every sorcerer household."
    > a3ec[42]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FYou can hammer in any nails! "
    > a50c[38]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FPlease<81>Cbe gentle<81>Cdood! "
    > a59c[59]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FDo we have time for one song before the battle? "
    > a62c[63]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FLeast favored item. Of course<81>Cdemons don't like it."
    > a86c[50]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FIt's not that cu...oh<81>Cnevermind."
    > a8fc[58]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FIt's actually made of wax. Can you believe it? "
    > abcc[53]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FBe nice to it<81>Cor you'll have a nightmare."
    > ad7c[66]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FYou could eat this if you wanted to. Seriously<81>Cdood!? "
    > af2c[58]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FAn amateur wouldn't know the value of this item"
    > b04c[58]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FDeath's staff. They don't just carry a sickle"
    > b0dc[58]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FSome say it's the real Overlord"
    > b16c[62]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FA heavenly revelation! "
    > b43c[34]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FGhost's working hard."
    > b4cc[36]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FAlraune's working hard."
    > b55c[36]: "Wpn-Staff<81>FRaspberyl's working hard."
    > b79c[52]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FSword <81>FCoach<81>CI can keep going! "
    > b9dc[54]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FSword <81>FJust don't worry about the raw smell."
    > ba6c[56]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FSword <81>FOops<81>Cyou weren't supposed to get this."
    > bafc[56]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FSword <81>FYou can become an idol<81>Ctoo! "
    > bb8c[60]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FSpear <81>FIt's good for when you want to dig a hole."
    > beec[48]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FBow <81>FDon't forget the pesticide."
    > bf7c[54]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FGun <81>FPut your hands up! And don't jump! "
    > c00c[50]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FAxe <81>FIt's just a toy."
    > c09c[50]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FAxe <81>FWhich guild gives these out again? "
    > c1bc[44]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FAxe <81>FCan you play the F chord? "
    > c24c[48]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FAxe <81>FOn your marks...get set...go! "
    > c2dc[56]: "Wpn-Fun<81>FSword <81>FKill have to kill him! "
    > c36c[45]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FCan't get it out of my throat..."
    > c51c[58]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FI hope it's not contagious."
    > c5ac[44]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FEww<81>Cit's all sticky and stuff."
    > c6cc[49]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FThat's what you get for being first."
    > c75c[57]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FFirst round KOs aren't just a dream anymore."
    > c7ec[52]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FDid you brush your teeth this morning? "
    > c90c[48]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FFollow me! Over here! "
    > c99c[55]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FThe nails are all painted and everything! "
    > ca2c[34]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FGh! So tight! "
    > cabc[54]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FAnyone got hyaluronic acid? "
    > cb4c[56]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FIt'll leave suction cup marks on your skin."
    > cbdc[62]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FCall me "Queen"! "
    > cc6c[50]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FDoes it make your heart sink? "
    > ccfc[60]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FI saw them on my mom's head when she was angry."
    > cd8c[44]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FTrick or treat! "
    > ce1c[42]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FAre you proud of your life? "
    > ceac[57]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FIt's big enough to make an ivory stepladder."
    > cf3c[60]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FHere<81>Cnow fly high into the sky! "
    > cfcc[60]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FIt'll tangle you up."
    > d17c[58]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FWhere did that punch come from ? "
    > d29c[56]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FNo...! Over 500,000 power!? "
    > d5fc[56]: "Wpnmonster<81>FDon't stare at me like that! "
    > d71c[54]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FAwaken your inner demon! "
    > d8cc[48]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FBe posessed by the Overlord's power"
    > dc2c[63]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FWho stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Not me! "
    > dd4c[58]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FDon't be deceived by the tasty-looking meal! "
    > df8c[56]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FDon't forget about your hand placement."
    > e0ac[61]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FJust forget about it after a good night's sleep."
    > e13c[60]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FHow dare you wash your hands in the bathroom!? "
    > e2ec[54]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FStupid is as stupid does! "
    > e52c[48]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FYou'll start tomorrow."
    > e76c[58]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FTo follow or blackmail? That is the question."
    > e7fc[56]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FIt's your fault for being tricked into it."
    > e91c[62]: "Wpn-Monster<81>'F <81>'@ <81>'@ <81>'@ <81>'@ <81>'@ <81>'@ (<81> Use a black light<81>j"
    > e9ac[52]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FWhat's yours is mine<81>Cmy friend! "
    > ec7c[54]: "Wpn-Monstrer<81>FWhat's holding your back? "
    > ee2c[42]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FDon't look under the bed! "
    > efdc[53]: "Wpn-Monster<81>FThe director's cut edition of Demon Law."
    > f0fc[54]: "Etc-Armor<81>FIt'll protect your body but not your pride."
    > f18c[56]: "Etc-Armor<81>FDon't forget to wear this during your speech."
    > f2ac[44]: "Etc-Armor<81>FMommy<81>Cit's too big! "
    > f3cc[44]: "Etc-Armor<81>FSupport the blue collars! "
    > f4ec[46]: "Etc-Armor<81>FYou'll want to go hunt monsters."
    > f84c[54]: "Etc-Armor<81>FIt's a bit straining on your shoulders."
    > f8dc[63]: "Etc-Armor<81>FYou can still wear it<81>Ceven if you don't know magic."
    > f96c[50]: "Etc-Armor<81>FI just want to lift weights now! "
    > f9fc[63]: "Etc-Armor<81>FCommander! This outfit kind of stands out too much! "
    > fa8c[50]: "Etc-Armor<81>FIt's a very durable coat."
    > fc3c[64]: "Etc-Armor<81>FGood for suppressing riot mobs. It's very light<81>Ctoo."
    > fdec[64]: "Etc-Armor<81>FFor battling. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."
    > 100bc[67]: "Etc-Armor<81>FNo! Hold it up higher! Urgh<81>Cno dining in hell for you! "
    > 1026c[48]: "Etc-Armor<81>FAsk your mommy to buy one! "
    > 105cc[58]: "Etc-Armor<81>FIt's metal walls will protect you from anything"
    > 1065c[38]: "Etc-Armor<81>FYou'll never overcome this."
    > 106ec[61]: "Etc-Belt<81>FIt'll give you power<81>Cbut it's a bit dorky-looking."
    > 1089c[46]: "Etc-Belt<81>FFirst<81>Cyou'll get a six pack."
    > 109bc[42]: "Etc-Belt<81>FFirst<81>Cyou'll get a big jaw bone"
    > 10a4c[50]: "Etc-Belt<81>FYou'll finally be brave enough."
    > 10b6c[57]: "Etc-Belt<81>FProff<81>Cthat you've surpassed human intelligence"
    > 10bfc[38]: "Etc-Belt<81>FThe Champ is here! "
    > 10dac[30]: "Etc-Shoes<81>FNin nin nin! "
    > 10e3c[42]: "Etc-Shoes<81>FFalcons don't wear shoes..."
    > 10ecc[54]: "Etc-Shoes<81>FIt's like you re not even wearing anything."
    > 10fec[50]: "Etc-Shoes<81>FDo you smell the scent of an angel? "
    > 1110c[54]: "Etc-Orb<81>FRecommended to heighten magical powers! "
    > 1161c[46]: "Etc-Glasses<81>FUse these to up your accuracy! "
    > 116ac[47]: "Etc-Glasses<81>FYou won't miss a thing with these."
    > 117cc[45]: "Etc-Glasses<81>FYou'll be the life of the party."
    > 11bbc[46]: "Etc-Muscle<81>FGet the body you've always wanted."
    > 11c4c[42]: "Etc-Muscle<81>FHustle<81>Chustle! "
    > 11d6c[44]: "Etc-Muscle<81>FYou'll love fighting barehanded."
    > 11e8c[59]: "Etc-Muscle<81>FThese beatiful muscles will bring you victory! "
    > 11f1c[38]: "Etc-Muscle<81>FEver dream this muscle? "
    > 11fac[52]: "Etc-Muscle<81>FWelcome to Muscle World! Population<81>FUs."
    > 126fc[62]: "Etc-Souvenir<81>FThere's a name on it<81>Cbut it's hardly legible."
    > 129cc[37]: "Etc-Costume<81>FIt's a spare prinny hide"
    > 12b7c[50]: "Etc-Emblem<81>FPray for your enemy's blood to boil."
    > 12d2c[50]: "Etc-Emblem<81>FHelpful in applying Sophia's make-up"
    > 1311c[53]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP. Next time won't you chew with me? "
    > 1323c[61]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP. Straight from your grandma's coffee table."
    > 1335c[40]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP. The vegetarian fish! "
    > 1347c[50]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP. Daddy<81>Cwhy can't we have flan? "
    > 1350c[57]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP. Did you know this can mean lightning? "
    > 1362c[58]: "Item<81>FGreatly recovers HP. Don't forget to pack the fudge."
    > 136bc[52]: "Item<81>FRecovers SP. You'll be lucky if it's not flat."
    > 1398c[57]: "Item<81>FRecovers SP. You'll be a bum until you drink these."
    > 13a1c[63]: "Item<81>FRecovers SP. Just don't ask where the protein comes from."
    > 13b3c[48]: "Item<81>FRecovers SP. Take it easy for Pete's sake."
    > 13c5c[61]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP SP. Want to know more?  Then keep playing! "
    > 13d7c[61]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP/SP. Maybe should've gone for boiled newt..."
    > 13e9c[54]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP/SP. Don't worry<81>Cthey only need one."
    > 13f2c[54]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP/SP. ...But why kimchee? "
    > 140dc[38]: "Item<81>FRecovers HP/SP. It's soma time! "
    > 141fc[50]: "Item<81>FChilled noodle salad isn't really food! swat"
    > 1428c[62]: "Item<81>FCures ailments. Do not confuse angels and fairies! "
    > 144cc[53]: "Item<81>FFor the Senate. And<81>Cof course<81>Cit's used to..."
    > 164dc[60]: "Item<81>FCall up another user's pirates to the Item World."
    > 17bec[56]: "Item<81>FChallenge the X-Dimension side of Overlord's Test."
    > 1869c[53]: "Item<81>FChallemge the X-Dimension side of Ruler's Wound"
    > 18a8c[41]: "Etc-Teeth<81>FYeah<81>Cthis'll speed things up."
    > 18b1c[42]: "Etc-Propeller<81>FMy life is unstoppable! "
    > 18bac[51]: "Etc-Shoe<81>FSo light<81>Cit doesn't feel it even exist! "
    > 18c3c[61]: "Legendary Fist<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 18ccc[62]: "Legendary Sword<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 18d5c[62]: "Legendary Spear<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 18dec[60]: "Legendary Bow<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 18e7c[60]: "Legendary Gun<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 18f0c[60]: "Legendary Axe<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 18f9c[62]: "Legendary Staff<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 1902c[66]: "Legendary Wpn-Mnstr<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    > 190bc[66]: "Legendary Wpn-Mnstr<81>FStats UP by defeating another user's pirates."
    I didn't find SJIS ':' or ',' annoying, so I just left them be. You guys can define $comma or $colon, and add "s/$comma/, /" or "s/$colon/: /" if you want to.

  4. #544
    Tobster7 Guest
    I have to check if the ? ! or ( ) and % are displayed correctly with our new script. If they are alright I only have to replace the apostrophes (with the script or via auto pasting). I'll put the / by hand. If everything works we'll have nice looking items, magic, skills, descriptions etc.

  5. #545
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It's not a lot to edit by auto-replace, so if you won't manage to do it by script, there's not alot of work to do manuall (or, let it call, pseudo-manually).

    Also, I thought about SOUNDS and decided that that piece of my work should R.I.P, since the later solution (talk.dat patching) is far more better.

    Need any words on EBOOT translation progress, maybe we'll release something like "pre-beta" as soon as we will correct those "problematic" files

    Tobster, you can just do the correction work, all those "glyphication" can be done by me, if you're busy. If not, be sure to use full command with "-k PRESERVED_GLYPHS -x EXTRA_STRINGS" and use file from this attachment:

    EDIT: Oh, and just a working check (if Tobster wants to glyphicate files):
    font.pairs	ee2084b4354a45269b0629e25364d670		
    font.lzs      7494e55763994c8d6a7ecaabe3c2a32b

  6. #546
    Tobster7 Guest
    My md5 values are different. If you send me your font.pair + font.lzs I'll "glyph" them.

  7. #547
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    PM'd with links!

  8. #548
    Tobster7 Guest
    Thank you. I'll send you the raw and glyphed versions of our files when I'm done.

  9. #549
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Thanks a lot! I can focus on patcher then.

  10. #550
    Tobster7 Guest
    I have redone all of our translated files ('t 's 'll 've and / ) and made a test with a "glyphed" mitem.dat for the items. It looks fantastic: No double spaces and all characters are shown correctly (even " ). Big Thanks to our team hackers for making this possible.

    I'm glyphing the rest of our files now.

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