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  1. #501
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Congrats to everyone involved in this project for breaking a 500-post margin

    I've completed game, so far no crashes, some typos, but I'm sure Tobster7 is well aware of them. Tested my "new" sound hack, it's better now, but its better, but not perfect. To the end of the game, picture lag is nearly 1 scene (comparing to initial hack, where it was 1-2.5 scenes), in the middle is somewhat 0.3-0.5 scene.

    Oh, and Disgaea 4 is mine favourite now. It's longer then usually (story-part) and expands RPG-elements very well. With translated eboot it would be priceless.

    Have piles of work now, seems like a payment for those "easy-days", working 12+ hours a day, maybe will look into sounds a bit more.

    And I've googled some "SJIS_Dump" program, not sure, but it'll may come in handy

  2. #502
    Alexmagno Guest
    I'd advise everyone who can to look into disassembling the eboot. If we can find the references to the text font format, we could even use the EN talk.dat

    After i finish the translation and put it up here to review, we'll have to figure out many, many ways to adapt the text blocks, because we'll need a lot of abbreviations.

    If we can find a way to correct the eboot discrepancies via disassembling, it will be an almost perfect copy of the EN game.

  3. #503
    KirasiN91 Guest
    Looking forward to beta release played the game till chapter 2 so far, its great but still, I wanna play it with the story, so waiting for the less asynched patch, and full eboot translation. thank you all.

  4. #504
    necroziel Guest
    i think there's another freeze bug, was letting artina learn all her skill including tower ones.

    when in item world select her skill command and then froze up.

    did anyone also experienced this?

  5. #505
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It can be a known "item world book glitch". It will be fixed in beta.

    I've digged in to talk.dat. Thought, I would find a diferent approach. If we could understand header and pointer format, we could reconstruct the correct english file.

    So, it seems like the data in headers is "offsets" and message ID's (hex-comparing to japanese file proves that). Although, sometimes this "offsets" are right, sometimes they point to the middle of the text. We need to figure it out.

  6. #506
    Tobster7 Guest
    I tried to reproduce the skill crash by Artina but it worked. Necroziel, do you get an instant crash only in the item world or in the main stages too? But I keep looking and check her skills in mskill.dat and magic.dat.

  7. #507
    necroziel Guest
    ah may be it was just me cuz i didn't start new game after the version 2 but still use the first alpha version save. The pile o book also giving freeze but it was already fixed, then again as tobster say may b the fix to the pile of book also fix my case.

  8. #508
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    version 3 doesn't have anything new except for sounds. It won't mess with your game, nor fix existing bugs. Anyways, thanks for reply!

  9. #509
    castlevania Guest
    So is this still being worked on?

  10. #510
    KirasiN91 Guest
    It is, we are just waiting for the eboot translation, after that they will release the beta.

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