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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    cavo Guest
    Could you please send me the download link to D4 JAP? I wasn't able to find one working.

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    Signorelli Guest
    Cavo, I was going to send you a link, but you have your profile set not to receive private messages.

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    Yeah, i was wondering about that, thanks tidus.

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    cavo Guest
    thanks anyway. I just found one that is working.

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    FileComplete Guest


    Would anyone upload the EBOOT.bin the patched one? Wanna try it. I know what people will say... "Well why not use the patch??"

    It won't work for me, was able to boot up into another OS and use the packager and repackager to get my start.dat file in the right order but cant help on the eboot.bin

    I am sure its just my computer or something that just wont get the patcher to work for me just keeps saying unable to find the file no matter where i tell it to look. In the end just need EBOOT.bin. Thanks for the person that does upload it for me.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    FileComlpete, check PM.

    I've been messing up with SndPak.
    US SndPak has BOTH JAP and US voices, so if you swap your japanese copy with US file, you'll still get japanese voices.
    Looking up in hexing this.

    So far, little by little, things are becoming clear.

    Alexmagno, what's your status on eboot.bin?

    EDIT: So far, I made a little progress, some phrazes (random) are in english
    EDIT2: Okayy, I've cracked the algo. Need someone with fresh mind and good HEX-skills( to write a program to automate process)
    EDIT3: I managed to fix voices! But everything's not so smooth. In some scenes, due to some translation issues (some jap messages were divided into 2 english or vica versa), what you see is not really what you hear The voices can lag or go forward a little. But it's the maximum what can be done with them and is a LOT better with english voices than with japanese (unless you're japanese )

    Wait for ALPHA-3 patch with SOUNDS (due to sounds it'll be near 400 MB 0_0)

    EDIT4: Heh, I shouldn't be so happy, the voices are asynch-ed. It makes no sense. Voices do not correspond to what's happening on the screen. *Sigh* If someone interested in what I've done, write here, I'll tell you what I've managed to uncover so far.
    And if someone wants asynched voices, feel free to download alpha-3 patch

    EDIT5: Now I know what's the problem - US sounds are for US talk.dat *facepalm* Could have guessed sooner... Since US talk.dat cannot be launched, I think porting sounds is a dead-end.

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Slow and steady due to busy weeks.

    This weekend it'll get a big boost and i'll post another (larger) part to review.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    In the next days I'll upload the new files for start.dat. A lot of small letters bugs and an item world crash are fixed.

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    1Panic Guest
    Awesome update. But personally I rather have Japanese voices... I can't STAND the english dub of all the Disgaea games... I always always changed it to japanese. So I hope you don't plan on getting rid of the voices and keeping both for those who like Japanese voices.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Somehow, there are 5429 audio files in JAP (52 OST files excluded) and only 5326 US audio files. I don't know how's it possible, , the same thing is in US SndPak (5481+5326), maybe US EBOOT.BIN has special read option for reading US sounds and default options for JAP ones.

    So, I've done maximum what's possible here. Maybe not everything, but really, but listeling to all of them is not really an option
    So, it's really dead end with sounds. I'll release alpha-3 with an option to patch sounds but with warning that it's isn't synched. But it'll surely give non-jap players an idea of plot.

    EDIT: Updated first page with Alpha-3 patcher. It does the same as Alpha2, but can patch Sounds to english ones.
    It's much bigger (nearly 400 MB), so if you enjoy playing in jap, ignore it.

    Note: to revert Sounds back to japanese, delete PS3_Game\USRDIR\Data\SOUND\SndPak.pak and rename SndPak.OLD to SndPak.pak

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